Appointment Reminders

Increase revenue by reducing patient no-shows

Appointment reminders help you increase revenue by reducing the number of patients that do not show up for their scheduled appointments. Kareo has two tools you can use to automate the reminder process – through automated email appointment reminders and automated telephone appointment reminders. Both of these approaches save you valuable staff time and maximize the productivity of your physicians.

Capture Patient Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses

The first step to using appointment reminders is to make sure you document the patient’s telephone number (mobile and/or home) and the patient’s email address. This is often accomplished during registration or when scheduling an appointment.

Configure Appointment Reminder Options

To enable email appointment reminders, you simply configure the appointment options to automatically send email appointment reminders by default for each appointment. You can also configure options that let you to send a carbon copy of each email to an email address associated with your practice. This provides a confirmation that your email appointment reminder was delivered to the patient.

To take advantage of the automated telephone reminders, you make the election during the patient registration process. When the time nears for the scheduled appointment to take place, Kareo will automatically place a reminder call to the home phone or the mobile phone number in the patient’s record. The telephone appointment reminders are included in the Kareo Max plan as detailed on our Pricing & Sign Up page.

Send Appointment Reminders

As you schedule new appointments, the "send email reminder" option will be enabled by default. That means that Kareo's automated email appointment reminder system will send an email appointment reminder to your patients three days in advance of their appointment. The email will include the doctor's name, date, time, and the location of the appointment, complete with a link to Google Maps for directions. If, for any reason, you do not want to send an email appointment reminder for a particular appointment, simply uncheck the "send email reminder" checkbox and that appointment will be excluded from the automated email appointment reminder system.

When using the telephone appointment reminders, a reminder call will be automatically made to the patient the day before the scheduled appointment. The patient will hear a recorded message which reminds them of the date and time of their appointment. It also prompts the patients to call your office if they need to make changes.

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