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Self-pay and high deductibles are on the rise. In recent years, the percentage of privately insured people under 65 with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) has grown to 39.1% - that’s a 54% increase since 2010. This trend of increasing patient payment responsibility has made getting paid more challenging, leading to a decrease in net collections for most medical practices.

For practices to thrive financially, patient collections can no longer be an afterthought left to the end of the billing process. You need an end-to-end patient collections plan that will yield higher revenue while maintaining a positive relationship with your patients.

Do You Have a Patient Collections Success Plan?

Patient collections now involves the whole office and starts long before the patient walks in your door.

1) Planning for success

Put the proper policies, technology and staff training in place to optimize your patient collections.

2) Before the visit

Master pre-check-in, eligibility verification and appointment reminders to improve collections efficiency and reduce no-shows.

3) During the visit

Increase your time of service collections, through payment estimation and easy payment options.

4) After the visit

Close the loop on patient collections with more effective patient statements, and unlimited email and text balance reminders. Use analytics to measure ongoing progress.

Patient Collections
Success Guide

Kareo recognizes that Patient Collections is one of the greatest challenges that independent practices face and we are focused on providing products, solutions, training and support to help you succeed.

Download The Patient Collections Success Guide below to identify gaps in your collections process, then take action with the step-by-step exercises to help you improve.

Patient Collections Features

1. Patient Communication

Better communication is the key to better collections. With powerful scheduler and appointment reminders, easy two-way communication through text or email, group broadcast and more, Kareo lets you stay in close contact with patients throughout the collections process.

2. Eligibility Check (and Re-Check)

Gone are the days of rejected claims from non-eligibility. With Kareo, you have easy eligibility checks, re-checks, automated checks and group checks at your fingertips, so you can do multiple verification to ensure claims go through

3. Charge Capture & Management

Multiple ways to capture charges means faster and more comprehensive collections. Eliminate lost or missed charges by viewing charges and patient balances at any time during the collection process

4. Credit Card on File

The single most effective method of collecting patient responsibility is getting a credit card on file. Kareo gives you a secure method to save credit cards so that you have a guaranteed method of patient payment.

5. Patient Statements

Kareo has proven success in reducing administrative costs, saving time and collecting more in less time with our customizable patient statements. You get mail or email options and can send out to individual patients or batch statements.

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6. Accelerate Payments with Kareo Patient Collect

Kareo Patient Collect streamlines the patient collections workflow by leveraging text, email, and mailed statements. Optimized communication combined with multiple payment options ensures you collect more, faster.

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Contact a Kareo Solution Consultant to help you identify under-optimized areas in your patient collections process and help you take the actions necessary to improve:

Customer Success Coaching

Once you sign up with Kareo you will be assigned a Customer Success Coach dedicated to the success of your implementation. We understand the anxiety and stress that accompany transitions and change in the workplace. With the user friendliness of our applications and the personal assistance of a Customer Success Coach, your set up process can be completed in a matter of weeks if not days!

Patient Collections Resources

Below you will be able to browse through a collection of resources that have been created by industry experts specifically for patent collections.

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