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Insights that transform data into
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Looking for a better way to manage revenue performance across multiple medical practices and providers? See how easy it is with Kareo Analytics.
Business Critical Insights

Business intelligence that takes your revenue cycle management to the next level. Track trends, uncover opportunities and address inefficiencies with ease.

Save Time, Prioritize and Optimize

Quickly identify unrealized revenue opportunities across multiple practices and providers. Then, prioritize your team’s activity based on the greatest revenue impact.

Your Data, Your Way

Powerful, customizable reports provide instant access to your data. Easily create benchmarks, goals and field labels to align with your business needs.

Powerful business analytics engine

Efficiently accessing and interpreting revenue data can be frustrating. All too often, this involves time consuming and error prone manual data processing in order to make up for the shortcomings of your reporting tools.

To effectively manage your bottom line, you need a powerful business analytics engine that aligns with your billing operations. Kareo Analytics helps you uncover the revenue opportunities that will provide the greatest contribution to your bottom line. With Kareo Analytics as part of your daily revenue cycle management workflow, you can move forward with confidence knowing that your time and resources are being fully optimized.


Kareo Analytics goes beyond traditional business analytics solutions by providing you with the power to perform detailed customizations. This enhanced functionality ensures that you see immediate value as well as tailored insights for years to come.

Key reports and dashboards

Kareo provides, maintains, updates a list of key reports for immediate use, value, and to build upon to serve your needs.

Integrated view of all your practices and providers

All your Kareo data (all KIDs, all practices and providers, for all time) is at your fingertips for discovery and analysis.

Quick and Responsive user experience

Because all the data is loaded nightly into a data warehouse and then loaded into memory when you access the product, the user experience is quick and responsive.

Customize any report or dashboard

Any standard report can be completely customized, from labeling, charts, tables (columns, rows), formulas or benchmarks!

Create reports from scratch

Use Kareo Analytics to build your own data investigation, analysis, visualization, communication, data extracts and more!

In-App Definitions of formulas used

We strive for transparency and you can see what formulas mean, how they are defined, and how to change them to meet your needs.

In-App Data Dictionary for quick and confident changes

All of the dimensions, measures, and charts used in the standard reports, as well as in common use, are built into an in-app data dictionary so that users don't have to worry about what field or information to select. Just drag and drop it into a report for easy incorporation!

Access or export source data used in any report

Source data (claim level rows used for any chart or calculation) is always accessible and exportable for you to analyze, investigate, or use as a work list.

Bookmark any view for immediate recurring access

Save any set of filters on any report to jump back to with one click.

Curate data stories for further conversations

The product has the ability to snapshot any chart or table (filtered or default views) or even drop live reports into an in-app presentation to facilitate sharing information that you discover in Kareo Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Begin seeing value from Kareo Analytics immediately with robust out of the box reports and dashboards, then customize these standard reports or create new reports and dashboards to personalize your insights.

Key Indicators Dashboard

Display current performance of key indicators with benchmarks and averages built in

Key Indicators Detail

Detailed information from the Key Indicators Dashboard broken down by practice

Encounters Detail

Average encounters for the previous 3 months, MTD encounters, and a chart of encounters over time

Charges Detail

Average charges for the previous 3 months, MTD charges, and chart of charges over time

Adjustments Detail

Average adjustment amount for the previous 3 months, MTD adjustments, and chart of adjustments over time

Refunds Detail

Average Refund amount for the past 3 months, MTD refunds, and chart of refunds over time

A/R Aging by Payer Scenario

View Total A/R, % A/R over 90 days, and A/R broken out by payer scenario, claim status, and aged trial balance

A/R Aging by Insurance

View Insurance A/R, % Insurance A/R over 90 days, and Insurance A/R broken out by insurance company, claim status, and aged trial balance

A/R Aging by Patient

View Patient A/R, % Patient A/R over 90 days, and Patient A/R broken out by patient, claim status, and aged trial balance

Days Revenue Outstanding Detail

Break down of Days Revenue Outstanding by Days to Approve and Days to Pay metrics as well as individual timelines for all claims

Claim Rejection/Denial Rate Detail

View Claim Rejection/Denial Rate by $ or by claim count and see top procedure codes and insurance companies for either category

Net Collection Rate Detail

View current Net Collection Rate (for all time) as well as by various ages and net collection rate by practice

Key Indicator Analysis

Analyze the distributions of encounters, charges, adjustments, and payments over time when any category is selected

Procedure Code Analysis

Break down procedure codes for a practice, provider, location and payment posting month by claim count, applied payments, service units, and insurance company

Year over Year Analysis

Compare the performance of key indicators year over year, up to the past three years

Claims Tracking

View all claim lines for the account, or by any of your selections from any other report

Training and support


With on demand training modules in Kareo University, you will be able to move from effective to expert at your own pace.


Get support anytime, any way. You can contact us via phone, email or chat. And that support is ongoing to make sure you’re always getting the most out of our solutions. We’re always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kareo Analytics?


A fast and powerful, yet easy-to-use, RCM reporting solution for billing companies and billing departments of multi-provider practices. You can quickly view and filter billing data across all clients and practices. Create and share data stories that will help inform strategic business decisions to increase revenue. The intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting templates show you key revenue indicators, including A/R, claim rejection/denial rate and net collection rate. Then take a deeper dive by filtering payments received by specific payers or procedure codes to identify high revenue performers, as well as low performers that need attention.

With Kareo Analytics, billing managers can increase their value and elevate their role by becoming business advisors to the independent medical practices they serve.

What is Kareo Analytics Solving for?


Billing mangers for multiple providers or practices need a way to review business outcomes across all clients. Usually, this process involves manually aggregating and reviewing billing data on a practice-by-practice basis. This can be a frustrating, time-consuming and potentially error-prone process.

To effectively manage your bottom line, you need a powerful business analytics engine that aligns with your billing operations. Kareo Analytics helps you uncover the revenue opportunities that will provide the greatest contribution to your bottom line.

With this new offering, Kareo provides billing managers an integrated view of their data across practices, providers and accounts (KIDs). We deliver accurate data in real-time—removing the usual delays or timeouts when accessing up-to-date billing data.

With Kareo Analytics as part of your daily revenue cycle management workflow, you can move forward with confidence knowing that your time and resources are being fully optimized.

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