Improve your productivity by tracking and assigning work

Tasks help you improve your productivity by tracking the work you need to complete or assigning work to others. You can create tasks, link them to various records, track due dates, and assign work to other users in your organization. By using a task management system that is integrated with your practice management and medical billing software, you can improve your productivity and never forget to complete important work items.

Create Tasks to Track Work Items

You can use tasks to track work that you would like to remind yourself to complete or work that you would like to assign to other users in your organization. Every task has a subject, due date, priority, type, status, and notes, to help you track all of the details associated with your task.

Attach Tasks to Kareo Records

Every task can be linked to key records in your practice, such as patients, appointments, encounters, payments, and more. Linking tasks to records helps you track work items related to your practice management and medical billing, activities. For example, let's say a patient statement was returned to you due to an undeliverable address. Simply add a task linked to the patient that lets someone in your practice know that the patient should be contacted in order to get a correct address.

Assign Work to Other Users

You can assign tasks to specific users in your practice or leave tasks unassigned to indicate shared responsibility. You can also partially complete a task and then assign the task to someone else and that user will be notified with a to-do item on their practice dashboard.

Manage Upcoming and Overdue Tasks

Kareo will remind you to complete any tasks that are due with a prominent to-do item and message that is posted to your practice dashboard. You can drill-down from the dashboard to a list of tasks that are due and review the details of each individual task. For any tasks that are attached to records, you can further cross-reference and open the record with which the task is associated.

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