Medical Coding

Get paid faster by sending clean insurance claims

Medical coding helps you get paid faster by sending clean insurance claims the first time. You can check codes against payer reimbursement rules and access a knowledgebase of coding, compliance, and reimbursement rules. By sending clean insurance claims the first time, you'll get paid faster and save time.

Understand Medical Coding

Medical coding, also known as "Claim Scrubbing", "Code Scrubbing", or "Code Check", is a technology solution that validates your insurance claims against ever-changing government and insurance reimbursement rules to identify errors that you can correct prior to submitting insurance claims. This powerful technology not only helps you get paid faster, but it also saves you time by eliminating insurance denials and rejections of your medical claims that are time-consuming to correct and resubmit to insurance companies.

Perform a Real-Time Code Check

You can perform a real-time code check that is seamlessly integrated with your charge entry process to validate every insurance claim against various government coding standards and payer-specific insurance reimbursement rules. This includes CCI edit validation, ICD-9 code, CPT®/HCPCS code and modifier validation, CPT®/HCPCS code sequencing, and local and national coverage decision (LCD/NCD) validation.

Access a Knowledgebase of Coding Rules

You can access a comprehensive knowledgebase of coding, compliance, and reimbursement rules related to both government payers and commercial insurance companies. The knowledgebase helps you cross-reference and crosswalk between CPT®, CCI, and ICD-9 codes, get updates related to federal register, Medicare bulletins, and local coverage decisions, and use a searchable database of other Medicare, Medicaid, and commercian insurance-specific reimbursement rules.

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