Superbills & Encounter Forms

Save time and capture all charges from your patient visits

Superbills & encounter forms help you save time and capture all charges from your patient visits. You can configure a custom Superbill for each provider in your practice, print Superbills with prepopulated patient information from the appointment scheduler, and use those Superbills to document the charges for your patient visits. By using forms customized to your unique needs, you can save time while capturing all charges.

Superbills & Encounter Forms

Superbills, also known as "Encounter Forms", "Charge Slips", or "Fee Tickets", are pre-printed forms that are used to document the charges, via procedure codes, associated with a patient visit along with supporting information, such as diagnosis codes, that are required to bill insurance companies. There are thousands of procedure and diagnosis codes used to document medical services, but most medical providers use only a small subset of these codes based on their practice. So Superbills save time for providers by providing a predefined list of codes for their practice that they can use to simply "check off" the services associated with a patient visit. Superbills are then handed off to a medical biller where the charges are entered into medical billing software so they can be billed to insurance companies and patients.

Create Custom Superbills & Encounter Forms

With Kareo, you can create Superbills using various form designs and a customizable list of procedure and diagnosis codes grouped into custom-defined categories. You start by selecting a custom print design for your Superbill from our extensive library of Superbill & encounter forms. Then, you can customize the list of procedure and diagnosis codes you'll use from our master list of codes and then group them into custom-defined categories, such as "Office Visits", "Procedures", etc. Finally, you can save your Superbill forms and link them to one or more providers within your practice.

Print Superbills & Encounter Forms from Your Schedule

Once your Superbills have been created, you'll be able to print the forms from the appointment scheduler. You can print Superbills for individual appointments or you can print daily or weekly batches of Superbills by physician and/or location. Your Superbills will include the patient and appointment information for each appointment. There is also a unique ticket number printed on each Superbill that you can later optionally use during charge entry to automatically carry over all information from the corresponding appointment.

Capture Charges Using Your Custom Superbills & Encounter Forms

You can use printed Superbills to quickly capture charges for each patient visit. Simply circle the procedure codes that correspond with the services and other charges provided to the patient during the visit. You can also code the visit by circling the diagnosis codes that correspond with the patient's condition and link them by number to the associated procedure code they support. After completing the Superbill, many providers will deliver physical copies of the forms to their medical biller for charge entry or scan the forms using the Kareo document management system and then electronically route your Superbills through Kareo to your medical biller or billing service for data entry.

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