Patient Records Management Software

Save time managing your patient information

Patient records help you save time and enjoy greater convenience by managing all of your patient information, records, and documents in one place. You can enter patient demographics, enter insurance policies, track health information, set up patient alerts, access financial history, and store documents. By managing all of your vital patient clinical and billing in one place, you can save time and provide better care for your patients.

Enter Patient Demographics

You can capture all patient data quickly and easily using Kareo. As you enter general patient demographics information, take advantage of auto-completion on pick lists and zip code lookups to quickly select a city and state by entering just the zip code. You can set up each patient's default provider and service location to save time when entering appointments or encounters. Finally, you can store a journal of notes for each patient, complete with the user and time stamp for each note.

Manage Cases and Insurance Policies

You can set up multiple cases for each patient in order to track different patient conditions and billing scenarios through the lifetime of the patient's care within the medical practice. With Kareo's web-based medical billing software, you can maintain a single master insurance company list across all medical practices and use them to quickly enter insurance policy information. You can verify a patient's insurance benefits electronically and store copies of eligibility reports and authorization on each policy.

Check Insurance Eligibility

Seeing patients without verifying insurance eligibility can be hazardous to your cash flow, but calling insurance companies to verify patient eligibility can be a resource devouring task. That's why we've built electronic connections to hundreds of major insurance companies to offer real-time eligibility checks directly within the scheduling process. With patient eligibility checks, you can be sure you will get paid for every appointment you schedule.

Set up Alerts

You can use patient alerts to set up special messages that are displayed at key points of your office and billing workflows for patients that require special handling. You can set up patient alerts to display when entering or modifying patient records, scheduling appointments, capturing charges and encounters, billing claims, posting payments, and preparing patient statements.

Access Financial History and Print Statements

You can have instant access to every patient’s complete financial history. You can view a summary or detailed ledger of the patient’s account and filter by various criteria including case, date range, provider, and more. You can add account notes that are tracked by date and user. You can change the collections status of a patient. You can cross-reference and re-print historical claims and patient bills. Finally, you can print various patient related reports directly from their account.

Store Documents

You can scan or fax any paper documents, and upload any computer files into Kareo's web-based medical billing software. These documents or files can be easily attached to individual patient records. This gives you the power to store all of your patient records securely online, and eliminate the need to store and archive paper records for each patient.

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The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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