Patient Statements

Reduce your costs and save time with patient statements

Patient statements help you reduce your costs and save time by billing your patients quickly and efficiently. With patient statements, you can create a fully electronic billing and payment experience for your patients and leverage traditional print and mail statement workflow. You can print and mail your own patient statements or outsource the printing and mailing to Kareo. By automating your patient billing process you can accelerate cash flow, lower your costs, and save precious time, while providing greater convenience to your patients.

Customize Patient Statements

You can use various options to customize your patient statements. You can select the print format of your statement, change the practice and remit address, specify the contact information and office hours for your practice, display the accepted methods of payment, and create custom messages that appear on different types of patient statements.

Send Electronic Statements

Before you spend time and money on mailing patient statements, send your patients an electronic statement. From the electronic statement, the patient reviews the balance and can make a quick, convenient, and secure payment online. If no payment is made, you can automate the printing & mailing of a paper statement using the workflow within Kareo.

Enable Patients to Pay Online

With the increasing popularity of online bill payments, your patients may now expect to pay medical bills online. Whether your patients receive an electronic statement via email or a paper statement in the mail, they can securely make a payment online. The patient payment portal lets your practice accept debit and credit card payments and delivers those payments directly to your bank account.

Use Patient Statement Printing and Mailing Services

You can use patient statement printing and mailing services that are tightly integrated with your medical billing and collections workflow. You can automatically send patient statements through Kareo in three easy steps:

  • Before you send statements, you can configure several options for your patient statement batch. You can set a minimum patient balance, for example, $5.00 or greater. You can set a maximum frequency, for example, once every 30 days. You can optionally disable patient statements by billing scenarios, such as workers' compensation.
  • Once you configure your settings, you can prepare patient statements as frequently as you like with Kareo's web-based medical billing software. As you prepare a batch of patient statements, Kareo lets you preview your patients and statements, review patient alerts associated with patients, and exclude individual patients. Once you are ready to mail your batch, simply click approve and your statements will be submitted to Kareo.
  • Once a patient statement batch is received by Kareo, we mail your statements within 24 hours. Once a batch has been mailed, we generate and return a patient statement batch confirmation report showing the patients, balance, and date mailed.

Print Patient Statements On-Demand

At any time, Kareo's web-based medical billing software enables you to prepare on-demand patient statements if you would like to provide a patient with a walk-out statement or if you would like to send a patient their latest statement in response to balance inquiries.

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