Extend the power of Kareo by interfacing with third-party systems

Integration features helps you maintain control of your data and extend the power of Kareo by accessing your data programmatically. You can integrate with third-party applications, extract your data and build custom reports, or create your own custom programs. By accessing your data throught he Kareo API, you can extend Kareo and the possibilities are endless.

Integrate with an EMR System

You can use the Kareo Web Services API to establish a real-time data interface between Kareo and a third-party electronic medical records (EMR) system. Under this scenario, you might have your physicians chart a patient visit in a third-party electronic medical record (EMR) system and have the billing data automatically transferred into Kareo. You can also create an interface that synchronizes patient and scheduling data in real-time.

Interface with an Accounting Sytem

You can use the Kareo API to establish an interface with an accounting system. Under this scenario, you might close your books once a month and have your charges and payments data transferred from Kareo into a third-party accounting system such as QuickBooks or Peachtree.

Extract Data for Use in a Custom Reporting System

You can use the Kareo API to extract any kind of data from your Kareo account so that it can be used in a third-party custom reporting system. Under this scenario, you might extract data on some periodic basic so that you can build custom reports in Microsoft Excel or a custom reporting engine such as Crystal Reports.

Create Your Own Custom Programs

You can use the Kareo API to create custom programs that import or export data into your Kareo account. Under this scenario, you might integrate your patient or scheduling data with a medical practice website, or you might extend the power of Kareo by building additional functionality that is specific to your specialty or type of business.

The topics above represent just a few examples of how you might use the Kareo Web Services API for your business. However, it is important to note that the Kareo API is a feature that is designed to be used by a qualified software programmer or IT consultant that is familiar with writing programs that interact with standard web services.

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