CLINICAL e-Prescribing Overview

Let us show you how easy it is to write notes and prescriptions, code encounters, and manage patients in our fully integrated, cloud-based EHR. Read below to explore the various features of Kareo Clinical.


Kareo e-Prescribing feature is designed with both providers and their patients in mind. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, medication errors and adverse drug events contribute to approximately 7,000 deaths a year, with an estimated cost for drug-related morbidity and mortality exceeding $77 billion a year. That’s why Kareo Clinical e-Prescribing workflow aims to improve accuracy, increase patient safety, and reduce costs while creating a secure connection between a medical practice and a pharmacy. When coupled with Kareo patient eligibility checks and patient medical histories, e-Prescribing gives providers the insight and peace of mind when prescribing medications throughout a patient’s care journey.

e-Prescribing Software | Kareo

With Kareo, you can access real-time formularies that allow for very specific drug searches.

Automate Prescriptions to Reduce Errors and Improve Safety

We love our providers, but their handwriting…Not so much. By setting pen and paper prescriptions aside for modern e-Prescribing, it eliminates confusion with patients and pharmacies around exact medication and quantity ordered. It allows for a transparent view into the exact medication order, with tracking all the way to the pharmacy for new prescriptions, refills, change and cancel requests. Kareo leverages Surescripts, the most trusted pharmacy network to facilitate that the prescriptions sent through our Clinical platform do so securely. This allows our Providers to create more accurate prescriptions, delivering a safe experience to all patients.

Additionally, all eRx messages get recorded in the patient’s medications list, separating out active medications from those they are no longer taking or were ordered in error. Kareo also plugs into Surescript’s patient medication history, allowing for easy copy of medications into the patient’s chart.

Reduce Patient Costs and Surprises at the Pharmacy

Did you know that 45% of Americans have trouble paying for their medication, and for patients who have not filled a prescription, the number one reason cited is cost? With the rising costs of healthcare, prescription drug prices can vary dramatically and often, many patients simply can’t afford to follow their doctor’s orders. That’s why Kareo offers an Rx Saver directly in the Clinical workflow. It is a way for Providers to help their patients find the best prescription pricing available through their local pharmacies, as well as coupons.

Designed with Refills in Mind

We know how time consuming and redundant refills can be for a practice. e-Prescribing proxy for refills can be delegated to any other provider or clinical assistant in their practice. As the refill requests come in from the pharmacy, it allows the assigned proxy to sign-off on the renewal without having to disrupt the daily workflow of the original prescriber. Only the prescribing provider needs to be enrolled in e-Prescribing, while the assigned proxy is not required to be enrolled.

Expansive Database for Easy Prescribing

Kareo supports electronic prescribing of most medications and durable medical equipment. We partner with First Databank, a premier cloud-based drug database that enables our providers to access real-time formularies, drug-specific common directions including pediatrics. By sourcing the most up-to-date prescription information, our providers will see a reduction in the overall ordering error rate, ensuring that patients get the appropriate medications they need as quickly as possible. In addition to an expansive database of medications, providers can also access DMEs, such as diabetic equipment and supplies.

With Kareo Clinical’s e-Prescribing functionality, it removes the administrative burden of having to write prescriptions that oftentimes get lost in transit or misinterpreted at the pharmacy. Not only does e-Prescribing reduce the amount of time spent on the phone and faxing pharmacies, it streamlines refill requests and authorization processes, freeing provider’s hands to deliver care at the bedside.

e-Prescribing Software | Kareo

Kareo makes it easy to handle any prescription requests, with intuitive tabs and filters to find the information you need quickly.

e-Prescribing FEATURES:

  • No additional fees required- eRX is available to all eligible Providers within Kareo Clinical module
  • Easy to enroll – Our simple credentialing process simply requires your NPI number, proof of identify and medical practice that’s automatically verified and authorized
  • Automatically checks for and send alerts for potential drug-drug interactions or allergic reactions
  • EPCS enrollment option for providers that send controlled substances electronically
  • Ability to electronically order Durable Medical Equipment (DMEs), such as diabetic supplies and equipment
  • Integration with Surescript’s patient medication history
  • Integration with First Databank’s cloud-based medication compendium – providing real time updates related to new medications and discontinued items
e-Prescribing Software | Kareo

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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