How Kareo Earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Customer Value Leadership Award

Innovative mindset. Flexibility. Customer-oriented approach. These are just a few of the adjectives that global research firm Frost & Sullivan recently used to describe Kareo. They are also three of many reasons why Kareo won the Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Customer Value Leadership Award in the ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) industry for North America.

The award—given to organizations that make customers feel valued and confident in their products’ quality and performance—highlights Kareo’s comprehensive platform that includes Kareo Clinical for EHR, Kareo Billing for practice management, Kareo Engage for patient engagement and marketing, and Kareo Telehealth for remote video consultations.

According to Frost & Sullivan, “Kareo’s complete technology platform gathers the spectrum of innovative solutions that allow connecting customer data, monitoring health changes, and engaging customers proactively, all within the set of robust solutions.”

“We’re tremendously pleased to receive this important recognition from Frost & Sullivan for Kareo Clinical and our robust Kareo platform for independent medical practices,” said Dan Rodrigues, chief executive officer and founder of Kareo. “These practices face intense challenges from many fronts, including changing regulatory requirements, competitive pressures, and even the unique demands of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our focus has always been to meet the needs of these independent practices to help them overcome their challenges and improve their practices to free them up to care for their patients.”

More specifically, here are five reasons why Kareo rose to the top of the competition.

#1. Intuitive physician user interface In today’s demanding healthcare environment, practices need a solution that exceeds end user expectations while also meeting infrastructure requirements mandated by regulations such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).

Designed with physicians in mind, convenience is a top priority at Kareo. With Kareo Clinical, providers can document patient encounters with ease, prescribe electronically, securely message patients, search and compare drug discounts at the point of care, and more.

In addition, Kareo Clinical includes a built-in reporting engine that pulls patient data from encounters to support selected quality measures for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). At-a-glance performance tracking dashboards let physicians know where they stand in terms of MIPS compliance, and clinicians are also prompted with tips on how to improve MIPS quality scores. Kareo Clinical with enhanced EHR functionality makes it easier for independent medical practices to comply with MACRA and earn positive payment adjustments.

#2. Innovative front office management Frost & Sullivan praises Kareo for its development of novel solutions that help front office staff maximize efficiency and productivity. Kareo Billing goes beyond the basics to include powerful business analytics, a comprehensive billing dashboard, online bill pay, online scheduling, automated appointment reminders, online patient intakes, and more. During a time of healthcare consumerism, many of these features enhance patient engagement and retention.

#3. Data-driven care In an age of population health, data-driven healthcare is paramount. Kareo’s cloud-based IT solutions enable healthcare providers to capitalize on new resources of clinical, financial, socioeconomic, and other data generated across the entire healthcare ecosystem, including data captured by EHRs, connected medical devices, and smartphones. Together, this data gives providers the insights they need to drive healthcare quality and efficiency.

#4. Adaptability during COVID-19 Frost & Sullivan praises Kareo for offering a timely and HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution that responds to healthcare challenges during the current pandemic. This solution overcomes the biggest barrier to telehealth: Lack of reimbursement and understanding of complex payer rules. Fueled by the most advanced database of telehealth insurance rules in healthcare today, Kareo’s telehealth rules engine ensures private payer reimbursement for scheduled visits. It includes state reimbursement mandates, payer-specific nuances, and smart technology that continually learns and improves the engine.

Frost & Sullivan specifically mentions Kareo’s ability to meet the demands of mental health providers currently relying on telehealth to reach patients who might otherwise fall through the crack due to work-related travel or an inability to find childcare. These services are particularly important during COVID-19 when patients may be struggling with depression, anxiety, or even post-traumatic stress.

#5. Dedication to customer success Frost & Sullivan acknowledges that providing a high-quality solution is only one part of an organization’s overall success. Organizations must also understand and exceed customer expectations. Not only does Kareo participate in the most significant industry events and conferences around the globe (thereby connecting with customers directly to identify pain points), it also assigns a customer success coach to each customer account. The coach is primarily responsible for ongoing new users, ensuring proficiency with all relevant Kareo modules and functionality, and provides ongoing support ensure maximum return on investment.

In summary, Frost & Sullivan writes the following: “Frost & Sullivan believes that a company responsive to both the industry and customer challenges is well-positioned to achieve market leadership. With exceptional product quality and a strong commitment to innovation, Kareo exceeds these challenges while creating best-in-class customer value and sustained leadership in the ambulatory EHR market.”

Frost & Sullivan’s full report on the award presented to Kareo is located here and to read the Kareo press release on PR Newswire, click here.  Thinking about changing your current technology for your mental health or medical practice? If so, download our complimentary guide on how to switch to a software vendor you can trust here.

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