Success Story: NeuroHope of Indiana

Non-profit Rehab Center Works Miracles with Kareo

For years, Leeuw and the clinic administrator managed NeuroHope of Indiana on their own, cobbling together a system with a physical therapy solution, QuickBooks and basic spreadsheets. An outside company handled billings. This made it hard to integrate scheduling, authorizations, practitioner notes and payments. Claims were often delayed, impacting revenue.

When Natalie Robison joined as practice manager, she decided to find a better answer. “Our first system was fine when we didn’t have a front office person and therapists did their own scheduling,” she says. “But as we grew, it no longer met our needs. We couldn’t use it to make recurring appointments or track authorizations, for example. When a patient cancelled an appointment, we had to go back into the system and make manual adjustments. Even little tasks took forever.”

Robison demoed many different EMR systems. She found them complicated and expensive. Then she tried Kareo.

“Kareo was really easy to use, and offered everything we wanted in one seamless system," says Robison. "And to our surprise, with the prepayment discount we got an entire year of Kareo for the cost of one month on our old system.”

Read NeuroHope's full success story and find out how you, too, can boost your practice success with Kareo.


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