E-Prescribing Option Helps With Medication Compliance and Patient Outcomes

In honor of National Pharmacist Day, which fell on Sunday, January 12, Kareo honors the pharmacists and the positive impact they make to our health and well-being, every-day. Because, let’s face it, when you have a raging fever or any number of sick symptoms and you feel miserable, it’s your trusty pharmacist who saves the day.

As bad as the flu can be, we are thankful when it is treatable and not something far more serious. We all assume that everyone can afford a prescription to take care of an illness, but the harsh truth is that 45% of Americans have trouble paying for their medication, and for patients who have not filled a prescription, the number one reason cited is (you guessed it), cost! In fact, 26% of Americans don't fill prescriptions because they cannot afford it.

With rising healthcare costs, prescription drug prices can vary dramatically and often, many patients simply can’t afford to follow their doctors' orders. Kareo has long recognized this growing issue and has taken proactive steps to help address this dilemma for both the physicians providing care, and the patient’s inability to follow-through with a provider’s care plans. Here’s how:

Reduce Patient Costs and Surprises at the Pharmacy
As part of Kareo’s clinical software, it has introduced an easy new way to instantly help patients get a good deal on prescription medications at their local pharmacies. With Kareo’s e-prescribing solution, Kareo Rx Saver, you can offer patients information on the best prescription local pricing available as well any coupons for their medication, all directly from the Kareo Clinical workflow.

Deliver Savings the Way your Patients Want it -  in an Easy and Integrated Way
With our Kareo Rx Saver option, you can may email, text or print the discount and deliver the coupon via web and mobile to help lower patient prescription medication costs. If a mobile number or email is available in patient demographics, it will automatically populate these, and if not, a text field prompts the user to input that information. The experience is easy, integrated and does not hinder or add any additional clicks to the current Kareo Clinical prescription workflow. This provides a significant benefit in your relationships with patients.

Help Patients Get Heathier at the Most Affordable Price
Kareo Rx Saver can help improve medication compliance and patient outcomes, whether you prescribe electronically or on paper, by reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients. In addition to higher patient satisfaction, your patients also get healthier, faster due to increased medication adherence. It’s a win-win.

For providers with uninsured patients, these coupons can provide discounts in many cases of 80% or more. For providers with insured patients, these coupons still often provide a final price that is cheaper than the patient's co-pay.

More and more medications are falling off of preferred formulary for different insurance payers, passing the cost of those medications on to patients. Kareo Rx Saver ensures that you can be confident you are giving your patients the best opportunity to get healthier at the most affordable price. Check out Kareo Clinical to save your patients money on medications now and improve your patient experience now.

In honor of National Pharmacist Day this month, let’s not forget how special our local pharmacist is in keeping us well – maybe even give them a hug next time you see them (preferably wearing a face mask, of course). It’s important to thank those amazing care givers and appreciate everything they do for us.

About the Author

Sonny Singh is the Director for the Product Marketing and Partner Alliances departments at Kareo. He has a combined experience of 20 plus years in the tech industry...

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