Billing Experts Urge Clients to Switch to Kareo - Kareo Success Story

Paul and Betty Ordonez had learned plenty during their careers in the corporate world and by 2015, were ready to start their own business. They launched Elite Medical Revenue Solutions (EMRS) with Paul serving as CEO and Betty as COO. Beyond offering standard billing services, they wanted to maximize profits using business technology.

Challenge: Client Integration

Just four years after they opened their doors, their client base has dramatically increased, and they have hired additional staff. The Ordonezes say a major factor is having the right technology partner. “Our first billing software was a Kareo competitor,” Paul says. “We ran into problems immediately. A prospective client’s system wouldn’t interface with ours, and our billing vendor wanted to charge $5,000 to integrate. A colleague asked why we didn’t just switch to Kareo, which integrates with everything. We did shortly thereafter, signed the client, and the rest is history.” EMRS offers a full array of medical billing services, plus consulting on revenue management. “Our specialty is demonstrating how to cut costs. One of the best ways for practices to do that is to switch to Kareo. We urge all of our clients to be full Kareo shops, just like we are. When physicians earn more, they’re happier—and so are we,” Paul notes.

Solution: Support Plus an Intuitive System

Betty praises Kareo’s helpfulness whenever she has a question. “Kareo’s support is phenomenal. They never leave an issue unanswered. They follow up quickly, so we’re never left hanging with a query, whether it’s for our own use or for the practices we serve,” she says. Betty adds that Kareo’s user-friendliness extends throughout the system. “For example, with other practice management software, logging into the clearinghouse requires a two-step process—even when they’re integrated. But with Kareo, there’s a single dashboard that you use for everything, which eliminates an extra task. I love that.”

Results: Kareo Ambassadors

The Ordonezes are so happy with Kareo that they keep bringing clients aboard. “I’ll help them with their specific challenges,” says Paul. “If they are still using paper, I suggest Kareo. If they’re having issues with their system, I suggest Kareo. I know Kareo so well that I can be convincing and assertive. Plus, I have a very close relationship with our physicians, and they trust my judgment. That explains why almost all of our clients are now on Kareo.”

Paul’s recommendations have been responsible for bringing at least three other billing companies into the Kareo fold as well. While he feels that Kareo gives him a competitive edge, he is happy to spread the good word to his peers. “Kareo treats me so well that I want to return the favor,” he says. Kareo staff members have even helped Paul market his services to prospective clients by joining sales calls and providing demos of Kareo’s clinical solution. “Our Kareo reps have really helped us bring in new clients and grow our business, which is a win for everyone,” Paul notes.

Conclusion: Invested in Billing Company Success

“The people at Kareo make it easier for us to do our jobs,” he adds. “From coaching to enrollment support, accounting and marketing—they are dedicated to making us more successful. We consider Kareo to be more of a business partner rather than a software provider. We could never have grown so quickly without them.” In summary, Paul stresses that running a business isn’t easy. “You’ve got to have all the right pieces in place and a strong team. When you have a great partnership like ours with Kareo, the sky’s the limit.”

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