Save Time Writing Prescriptions with Important New Updates to Kareo Pharmacy Search Tool

Tired of scrolling through long lists to find the right medication for a patient’s prescription? Frustrated with confusing pharmacy default settings? Kareo has enhanced its pharmacy search tool, streamlining functions to reduce the clicks needed for common prescribing tasks. Here’s why both healthcare providers and billing companies should check it out.


Faster searches, fewer clicks


Kareo Clinical users said that they wanted fewer clicks when selecting the EPCS certified check box. They asked for results to be presented in a logical order, so they wouldn’t need to hunt through dozens of possibilities or use additional filters. They also didn’t want to have to manually click “search” to view results within a given zip code.


The new Pharmacy Search Tool resolves these issues, delivering a much more user-friendly interface by automatically:

  • Filling the “EPCS certified” filter selection field
  • Populating results starting with the first few letters entered in the “name” field
  • Loading more results based on the patient’s zip code
  • Allowing searches across both retail and mail-order pharmacies
  • Simplifying the patient default pharmacy search

These enhancements save both keystrokes and clicks, speeding up the entire prescription process.


Easier access


Kareo’s Pharmacy Search Tool can now be accessed from many places within the EMR, including the prescription form, patient demographics and medications via note. This makes it more straightforward to get into the tool wherever the user might be in Kareo.


A boon for billing companies


Medical billing companies are always looking for ways to ease the workflow of their provider clients. For those with clients on Kareo Clinical, the pharmacy search tool eliminates time-consuming scrolling and lets providers find their patient’s preferred pharmacy with just a few clicks. This makes Kareo a wiser choice than ever.


Ready to start prescribing medications more efficiently?


Watch this video demonstrating the enhancements in Kareo’s pharmacy search tool.

Or contact your Kareo representative to learn more.

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