MIPS Check-In: Not Too Late to Avoid Penalties for 2017 (Webinar)

This year has once again been a time of change – from fee-for-service to value-based payment; from individual incentive programs to one combined program; and from one set of acronyms to another. MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Program System) is now the main program that will determine Medicare payment adjustments.

Key among the changes is the shift from negative adjustments to potentially significant positive incentives. For medical practices that have not yet made a move toward MIPS reporting, keep in mind that this is arguably the easiest year to date. There is no reason for any eligible clinician to receive a negative adjustment of 4% this year.

We’re here to help make sure that you avoid penalties and potentially earn positive incentives. (Check out my recorded webinar: Are You On Track For MIPS Success?)

Here’s a simple way to remember the important aspects of MIPS:


To begin, just think – ONE. One quality measure or one improvement activity or the one set of required advancing care measures meet the requirements to avoid a negative adjustment to your Medicare Part B reimbursement. If you have participated in any of the previous incentive programs, you already have the problem solved.

Quality measures are based on the default PQRS program; advancing care measures are the eliminated Medicare Meaningful Use program; and the list of improvement activities, although a new program, include items that you have probably already implemented in your office. Participating in MIPS this year may not be the hurdle you think it is.


Also remember NINETY – a ninety-day reporting period. Any one of the above measures or activities need to be completed for ninety consecutive days. Look at the list today. Make a selection. Begin tomorrow. You will be done faster than you know it. You must start no later than October 2, though, to complete the requirements for 2017. Don’t wait to the last minute.


Lastly, remember ALL. Unlike previous programs, you must complete the measures for all your patients. Yes, only the Medicare B payments are adjusted this year, but the value-based payment model is being adopted by commercial insurance as well. Make sure to use a certified EHR to document your findings. 

Of course, you can always complete more than the minimum. By completing the base requirements for all three categories of Quality, Advancing Care and Improvement activities, you will receive a positive adjustment to your Medicare reimbursement.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Check out my webinar—I'll go over all you need to know about reporting successfully in 2017, where ever you are in the process.

Watch now

For those searching for a certified EHR or for those currently using Kareo, I’ll be going over Kareo features that support you throughout MIPS reporting. With easy to read dashboards, you can see in an instant how well you are performing in both the Quality and Advancing Care categories. We even show you which patients may need some additional information to meet the requirements. Providers simply collect measure information as part of their day-to-day workflow. There’s no need for a separate manual tally system. You can use our checklists, videos and help articles to answer your questions. And for those needing one-on-one assistance for MIPS reporting, I’ll let you know about the Kareo Expert Services option available to you.

There is no reason why every provider can’t meet the MIPS requirements this year. Don’t worry about next year, we’ve got you covered. For now, let’s focus on finishing off strong in 2017.

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