Kareo Patient Collect, powered by Tebra is an automated, consumer-centric, unified patient payments solution. Leverage the latest technology for happier patients and greater, faster revenue.
Easy and Affordable

Activate patient payments in your Kareo account and start processing credit cards right away. Kareo Patient Collect has no set-up costs and a flat rate for in-person and online transactions.

Collect More, Faster

Save valuable time and deliver patient statements to the right place, at the right time with automated text, email, and mailed statements. Collect faster and reduce your A/R with digital payment options.

p Leverage Automation

Initiate patient statement messaging as soon as a balance is outstanding. Automated Patient Billing delivers pre-set text, email, and mailed statements on an optimized 90-day schedule.


Accept Multiple Payment Options

With Kareo Patient Collect, patients can pay bills online, in the office or by the mail. Our digital first approach accelerates payments and is more convinient for everyone, Card on file can also be leveraged for future payments.

Automate Patient Billing

Streamline your patient collections workflow by sending pre-programmed text, email, and mailed statements. Automated Patient Billing ensures you communicate in the right way at the right time.

Mail Intuitive Statements

Color-enhanced and easy-to-read mailed statements boost the chances that patients will take notice. Convenient QR codes enable patients to immediately pay their bill online.

End-to-end Customer Support

Kareo Patient Collect, powered by Tebra owns the entire payments process without the need of third party processors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that issues are handled quickly, through our on-site support team, all within a unified system.

Flat Rate and No Long-Term Contracts

With a fixed transaction rate and no long-term contract, Kareo Patient Collect gives you predictability and flexibility where you need them most.

Offer a Great Patient Experience

Simple, convenient collections are part of building patient loyalty and retention. Receive higher reviews, save staff time, and bring in more revenue with Kareo Patient Collect.


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The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Learn more