Optimize Patient Collections
and Increase Revenue

With Kareo Patient Collect, you get an end-to-end patient payments solution that helps you increase patient collections with less effort, while maintaining a positive relationship with your patients.
Easy and Affordable

Kareo Patient Collect is easy to set up. Activate patient payments in your Kareo account and start processing credit cards right away. We make it affordable by keeping your costs low, with no long-term contracts to sign or set up costs or monthly fees to pay.

Collect More, Faster

With text and email options, you can increase the speed of your collections and reduce your A/R. Kareo Patient Collect lets you send unlimited text or email balance reminders, which drives online payments by reminding patients of their unpaid balances.

Increased Visibility

Our delivery dashboard shows you what communications were delivered, and when. Eliminate wasted time with follow up calls on patient balances by automating statement batches and processing credit cards through Kareo.


Kareo Patient Collect offers a robust omnichannel payment collection solution that brings more revenue into your practice and at a faster rate of collection. Unlike traditional payment options, Kareo Collect leverages text, email and mailed patient statements to ensure you are communicating to your patients in the right way, at the right time. Optimizing your communication, along with offering multiple payment options, ensures you collect more, faster.

Kareo continues to explore and innovate new and different ways to approach patient collections so customers like you have the most effective technology available. Reduce your frustration with unpaid patient invoices and unsatisfied customers. With Kareo Patient Collect, you can maximize your patient collections to offer a better payment experience for your patients.


Expand the Way You Accept Payments

Kareo Patient Collect provides patients with the flexibility to pay their bills online from any device, in-office or by mail. With features like *Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay, it’s never been easier for patients to settle unpaid balances. Leverage the card-on-file feature to capture patient balances for future visits and take advantage of the electronic credit card authorization to help streamline your workflow.

Leverage Unlimited Text and Email Statements

With Kareo Patient Collect, you can streamline your patient collections workflow by sending out text and email statements to ensure patients receive balance reminder alerts long before they receive a paper statement. This keeps each patient’s medical bill top of mind after a doctor’s visit.

Reduce Confusion with Kareo Mailed Statements

Sending out a color-enhanced, intuitive, and easy-to-read statement boosts the chances your patients will take notice of their bill sooner and pay your invoice faster. We take the leg work out of mailing patient statements by printing, processing and mailing your statements for you – saving your staff time and getting you paid faster.

Quick Verification of Statement Delivery

Our delivery reporting dashboard allows you to easily confirm the completion of a text, email and/or mailed statement delivery. The reporting dashboard also identifies invalid email addresses as well as outdated or incorrect telephone numbers for updating.

No Financial Surprises

Kareo Patient Collect gives you peace of mind, knowing that you will never be locked into a long-term contract. A fixed transaction rate means that you will never have to worry about any financial surprises.

Improved Patient Payment Experience

By offering a more simplified, informative and enhanced patient collections experience, you will retain more loyal patients, receive higher ratings on review sites and save time for your staff while bringing more revenue into your practice. With Kareo Patient Collect, it’s a win-win solution.


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