Scheduling in EHR

See how simple it is to schedule a patient appointment in the Kareo EHR.

  • Supoprt for multiple providers
  • View schedule in multiple formats, with several convenient filters
  • Easy drag and drop functionality for appointments
  • View patient status at a glance
  • Enter appointments with smart built-in features for ease, efficiency, and thoroughness
View the patient schedule for day and priority items needing your attention.
See how simple it is to schedule a patient appointment in the Kareo EHR.
See how easy it is to review a patient chart and past visit notes.
Use flexible documentation tools to make charting simple for even complex, multi-problem visits.
Achieve Successful Patient Collections Using Patient Payments and Patient Portal
Mobile and easy to use, the iPad app makes documenting patient care intuitive and efficient.
See how Kareo EHR and Kareo PM are designed to work together.
Tracks your progress to help you attest.
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With Kareo, you get simple solutions for every part of your practice—from scheduling and charting to billing and collections. We’ll take care of your business, so you can take care of your patients.

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