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Unlike most employed physicians, independent physicians are required to consider much more than just the health of their patients. They are operating a business, managing staff, marketing the practice, communicating with patients, overseeing the billing process and managing expenses. Without the right approach and tools, the administrative hassles that providers face will distract them from their most important job — patient care.

The Kareo platform was designed to give independent medical practices back their most important resource, the providers time.

Optimize Your
Care Delivery Workflow

Kareo's clinical workflow guide walks you through eight areas of your practice to see where you can minimize or eliminate wasted time.

The guide includes best practices we gathered across the nation to help you improve your clinical workflow from top to bottom.

Does your practice have an optimal care delivery workflow?

Optimizing the care delivery workflow is key to increasing revenue and improving patient outcomes.

Planning for Success

Highlight opportunities to improve office efficiency by mapping out provider interactions, staff roles and responsibilities.

Before the Visit

Set yourself up for success with automated patient reminders, online patient intake and insurance eligibility checks.

Delivering Care

Efficiently move through your care delivery workflow and optimize the time spent with your patients.

Post Care

Deliver on desired patient outcomes with integrated management of labs, testing, imaging, referral management, secure messaging and patient portal.

Planning for Success
Before the Visit
Post Care
Delivering Care

Care Delivery Resources

Learn to maximize provider time by reducing waste and implementing better workflows.

Care Delivery Features

The Kareo platform was designed to work the way you do. Below are some selected features to optimize your care delivery and practice workflows.

Maximize productivity

Support your staff's entire practice workflow including managing patients, uploading documents and sending secure messages.

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Online Patient Scheduling

Online scheduling is one of the most popular tools used by forward-thinking healthcare pro-viders. In fact, 45% of smartphone users want

Automated Appointment Reminders

Did you know that 90% of cell phone users ignore calls and rarely check voicemail? How-ever, people respond to text messages in

Online Patient Intake

Say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of paper forms. With online patient intake, you can reduce manual data entry errors and eliminate redundant steps from the patient intake process. Save time in collecting the accurate patient information you need to get paid. Your patients will thank you for a stress-free check in process.

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Comprehensive Dashboard

Enjoy intuitive dashboard, task lists, and customizable multi-resource calendar.

Flexible Calendar

Save time and customize your schedule so your front office can easily manage important patient communications.

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Agenda Overview

Get complete visibility at a glance by showing you outstanding items that need your attention for the day.

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Simple Charting

See how simple and fast it can be to create patient encounter notes.

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Secure Messaging

Conveniently message anyone in your practice, your biller or billing team, even your patients.

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Direct SMS Messaging

According to surveys, 62% of patients want to be able to directly communicate with their doctors. Text messages can be sent directly

Easy e-Prescribing

Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing. Save your patients money too!

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ICD-10 Ready

Trust Kareo to guide you and your practice through a successful ICD-10 transition.

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Integrated Prescription Discounts

Search and compare prices at the point of prescribing. Increase likelihood of patients filling their prescriptions by providing them with discounts to save money.

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Convenient eLabs

Automate inefficient paper based processes with Kareo eLabs.

Electronic Superbills

Complete and submit an accurate superbill in just a few clicks.

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Integrated Patient Portal

Share important medical and biloling information and communicate with patients securely at any time.

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Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

Meet the highest standards for maintaining data confidentiality and secure sharing of information.

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Contact a Kareo Solution Consultant to help you identify under-optimized areas in your care delivery process and help you take the actions necessary to improve:

Customer Success Coaching

Once you sign up with Kareo you will be assigned a Customer Success Coach dedicated to the success of your implementation. We understand the anxiety and stress that accompany transitions and change in the workplace. With the user friendliness of our applications and the personal assistance of a Customer Success Coach, your set up process can be completed in a matter of weeks if not days!

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"Kareo is user-friendly and easy for your clients to use too."

DR. Jared Hull

"Kareo will help you do what you do best and that’s getting back to helping people."

Dan Young

"Everything is so easy to access and so easy to see."

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