What All Successful Blogs Have in Common

The single most important feature of every successful blog is consistency.  Though consistency in voice and tone is essential, the practice of writing and posting on a set schedule is equally important.

As soon as you commit to writing a weekly or bi-weekly blog entry, the benefits begin:

  • Search engines appreciate and reward fresh, problem-solving content
  • Increased blogging boosts your keyword ranking for key phrases
  • Improved visibility elevates your credibility as an author and subject matter expert.

Other peoples’ opinions
According to a Forbes magazine article citing Forrester Research data, about 32 percent of site visitors said they put more trust in opinions online than they did in ads and branded marketing materials. That’s why blogs – which users do not consider branded marketing – are so effective.

More sharing, more teaching, more patients
Helpful and successful blog content is both mobile and shareable. It gives you  instant content for all your social media, and search engines like Google reward the steady stream of new content.

As your followers like and share your content, you practice gains solid exposure. That’s because you’re sharing information patients can use right now – easily digested educational tips that not only keep your patients healthier but also build their loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your practice to their friends.

What to blog about? Just ask
Want to know what your patients really care about? Ask them.

Companies like Survey Monkey have the tools you need to get started, from their free basic plan to affordable upgrades. Give patients what they need, on a consistent basis, and you harness the true power of social media marketing, along with its value in attracting new patients and retaining existing ones.

About the Author

Dr. Molly is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of...

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