Top Tips For Achieving a Successful Website

Marketing your website is a crucial step in the digital age. You want your patients to be comfortable and at ease when navigating through your website, rather than confused and frustrated. There are steps that can help you achieving this goal.

Make sure that the website is mobile friendly. Your patients may want to pull the information up while on-the-go or in a waiting room before an appointment. Google honors responsive web design and gives websites higher search rankings because these days consumers are more often than not, cruising the web on their cellphone.

Use video media to really grab attention. Videos are also an important consideration to make. Patients will wonder what the bedside manner is like, how procedures are done, and what how the staff performs before meeting with any physicians. Videos can bridge these curiosities and help comfort the mind. Videos will allow patients to see you on a more personal level, rather than a series of credentials. Your videos can also explain the medical practice’s purpose among other topics.

Surgical procedures are frightening to most people, especially because they may not understand what is going to happen. Including a video explaining such processes is a great method of easing the mind and alleviating fear.

Use effective and strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs). Not doing so can result in a loss of revenue. There are some common yet effective CTAs that should be available to your potential clients. Form submissions are common CTAs that patients can easily and quickly fill out.

 You can include a CTA on the front page that directs visitors to a contact form where they can enter their first/last name and email address. The patients will connect with your practice with very little effort and your practice will automatically have their contact information.

Make sure you do not label the CTA button with “submit.” Use a more personal wording that makes prospective clients feel like they’re doing more than just submitting their contact information. This could be “Submit My Request” or “Learn More,” as examples.

Include social media icons on the front page. Most healthcare organizations include social media icons on their websites. It is a quick CTA method that is very effective considering how pervasive social media is in today’s digital world. It can also be incorporated into any media campaign you choose to launch.

Choosing the right URL. This should not be taken lightly. It can help determine how high your website will rank when people search online. Make sure the domain includes the top keywords behind your name and brand.

URLs ending in “.com” are usually going to rank higher than “.org, .us, or .net.”

If you want people to find your URL quickly and easily, an Exact Match Domain (EDM) should be the goal. For example, if your practice is called Essential Medicine, and you want your site to pop up after “essential medicine” is typed in, the address should be (illustration only). You can also buy retired domain names, granted there is one specific to your practice that you want to purchase for your new website. This is effective because search engines will register the length of a domain’s existence as a sign of trust.

Achieving an effective online website for a medical practice is a guaranteed method of growing the business. Modern healthcare is utilizing the online world to help connect with patients more and more each day. Being a part of this online platform is a crucial step to take within today’s healthcare practices.

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