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Facebook began the mandatory rollout of their new timeline format across all business pages on Friday.  As we've noted before, this is not an optional layout for your practice's page - so you need to make sure there's nothing that needs to be revised or fixed not that it has been implemented.  While your profile picture will remain the same, the layout and how patients interact with the rest of your page have undergone some major changes. Here are a few highlights:

Cover Photo
In addition to your existing profile picture, you can select a larger cover photo that will now dominate the top of your page.

The basic links to your photo album, likes, & info can still be viewed, although in a more uniform & prominent display.  Plus, you can now add custom applications to the top of your page.

Along with the new timeline layout and it's larger stories, you'll be able to customize how the stories appear by pinning them to the top of the timeline, starring them, or even hiding them from the public's eyes.

In addition to stories, you can also add milestones to your timeline to share important events in the history of you practice.

We've commented on Facebook's push to make everything more actively social before.  They now show exactly how patients interact with your page by publicly displaying metrics on those interactions.

Admin Panel
A new administration panel is available to help you manage your page. You can use it to view statistics, social insights, and a log of your own activity as you build and customize your page.

If you'd like more detailed info, you can check out Facebook's own guide available for download here: Facebook Pages Guide (PDF). And, you're logged into Facebook, feel free to check out our own Facebook page to see how we've implemented these changes here: DoctorBase's page. Of course, we're a bit biased about it…but let us know if you like what we've done with it by clicking the 'Like' button!

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