Three Simple Steps to Grow Your Online Reputation

Here are 3 simple actions you can take to grow your online reputation and claim your name on search engines like Google...

Claim Your Google Local Listing
Google Local (which, as of this morning, has renamed itself "Google Places") has pretty much replaced both the Yellow Pages and that map you've been keeping in your glovebox since 1982.  When people want to find you, they type your name into Google.  By claiming your Google local listing, your contact info, address, and a map of your practice's location will come up in the search results.

Plus, if a patient simply wants to find a dentist in their hometown, they'll type in something like "Dentist San Francisco."  By claiming your Google Local listing, your contact info will also be included on the map that Google includes at the top of their search results whenever the search term includes the name of a city.


Get a Blog
Most doctors have a website.  Unfortunately, most of those websites haven't been updated in a couple years - making your practice itself look outdated.  And, they often come across as a bit salesy - which can be the kiss of death for a healthcare provider.

A blog is a dynamic page that gives your online presence a personal touch.  By posting the occasional tidbit to your blog, you can connect with your patients by educating them - not selling them services.  This establishes you as an expert in your field and builds loyalty before they even set foot in your practice.  Plus, it provides the fresh, unique content that will improve your ranking on Google.

Setup Your Social Media Profiles
Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter all carry a decent amount of weight with Google.  Even if you're not into sharing every little detail of daily life at your practice, simply setting up a profile under your name and updating them from time-to-time will help you claim more of the Google search results page.



This, in turn, pushes those third-party review sites containing unverified reviews & advertising for your competitors down the results page into near irrelevance.

And the best part about this and the previous 2 actions - they're all completely free!

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