Quick Overview of Content Marketing for Providers

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As a medical practitioner, fulfilling the needs of others first is nothing new, and knowing the needs of others is incredibly important to the process. So, why not approach marketing for your practice in the same way? This article will give you a quick overview of content marketing for providers who don't know where to start.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves opening the communication between the marketer and the target audience with techniques like blogging, social media interaction, and other behaviors that change the way messages are received. In layman's terms, it's you communicating with someone who wants to use your product -- and in your case, the consumer is your patient and the product is you, your practice, and your services.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “approximately 9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing—regardless of company size or industry,” and the reasons for that are clear. First and most obviously, most people are using the Internet as their primary source of information and method of communication these days.

An incredibly important aspect to note is that traditional marketing and advertising messages are easily approached with distrust in this age of greater media literacy.Traditional marketing and advertising messages are also becoming incredibly easy to skip or avoid (DVR, ad block apps, etc.).

People want authentic connection with someone that they trust. Content on your blogs, Facebook posts, and other digital media can be easily tailored to specific topics, ideas, and interests. And, they are also incredibly cost effective and avoid the hassle of traditional ad media buying. If you don't have a website or social media page, make one yourself or hire someone to help you with it. It's worth your time to post weekly or monthly to connect with a greater audience and bring in more patients.

For more reading, check out how other marketing professionals describe content marketing.

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