Paper Intake is a Real Turkey - Modernize Your Intake Process with Kareo Kiosk

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving is in a few days.  The time to sit back, enjoy massive amounts of delicious food, scope out some Black Friday shopping deals and take catnaps on the couch to the lull of football announcers on the TV screen.  But of course, there’s that pesky relative who shows up to put a damper on your relatively good mood with their list of questions longer than Santa’s toy list.  “When are you getting married?”  “Did you put on weight?”  “Why don’t you visit me more often?”  It feels like a mundane and insufferable time-suck from your long weekend of relaxation. Well, this feeling is a close second to the numerous paper forms your patients often have to fill out every time they come to see you as their provider. 


They know the drill.  Your patients arrive to their appointment and the receptionist hands them a tattered clipboard full of intake forms. They sigh, head to the chair and find out the pen they received doesn’t have ink.  Then they head back and wait for the receptionist to hand them a different pen, but she’s on the phone with another patient.  Once they’ve made it back to their chair, they have just enough sanity to get through the 12 forms with only a slight hand cramp.  However, this scenario is no longer a hurdle for providers with Kareo Kiosk.  This new in-office intake application makes antiquated, cumbersome efforts like manual data entry and time-consuming handwritten forms a thing of the past.


Medical practices have much data to collect on their patients.  Even if the patient has visited the office before, it’s important to ensure practices have the latest and greatest info on patient’s demographics, consent to practice policies along with medical, social, family, allergy and hospitalization histories.  Kareo Kiosk revolutionizes the in-office patient intake process by providing a modern, electronic experience.


Specifically developed for overburdened practice managers and their office staff, Kareo Kiosk is ideal for those wanting to eliminate the need for administrative data entry from paper intake forms, which wastes precious appointment and care delivery time.  Patients can now digitally enter their historical information, fill out medical intake forms, and update basic demographic fields in an electronic format.   It is no longer a problem if the patient missed, forgot or disregarded the email you sent them in advance to collect intake items before their appointment. It also enables practices to more easily manage and accommodate walk-in patients.

The best part?  The information populates directly into the Kareo platform, giving you the critical information needed to provide medical care timely and efficiently.

Here are 5 Top Reasons to add Kareo Kiosk to your Practice:

  • Simple Set-up & Functionality That Anyone Can Use
    Downloading the app onto a practice’s mobile tablet is easy – simply download from the app store and enter in your Kareo credentials. From there, a QR-code is easily generated within the patient’s appointment on the Kareo dashboard, which pulls up the necessary information regarding that patient promptly onto the mobile device and they can get started filling out the necessary forms required for their appointment. It’s as easy as that and takes less than 30 seconds to get a patient set up to fill out their paperwork! 
  • Making Practices Modern & Efficient
    Kareo Kiosk provides a modern experience to your clients; making your practice more efficient, with both parties enjoying a seamless, easy experience throughout the entire intake process. It is also great to use for patient walk-ins, and for patients who don’t own a mobile device or don’t have (or haven’t checked) email and didn’t fill out document prior to their appointment.
  • More Time to Spend Delivering Care
    Kareo Kiosk eliminates the need for any handwritten intake forms and information.  Practices not only save money on paper and printing, but most importantly, employee’s time required to convert handwritten statements into a digitized format. Information entered on the forms are automatically captured and recorded into the patient’s chart within the platform.
  • Improved Accuracy & Compliance
    Kareo Kiosk and its suite of digital intake forms, helps minimize the errors that often occur with handwritten paper intake and the conversion into digital records.  It is HIPAA compliant, so sensitive patient information is secure online and documents are less likely to be lost or stolen. Practices can be relieved of the liability that often comes with shredding sensitive patient information on paper.
  • Simple Integration into the Patient Record within Kareo
    Once your patient completes the digital intake forms, your office staff can review and merge the information into the patient’s chart on the Kareo platform.


If you are Interested in learning more about Kareo Kiosk and how it can help your practice and streamline your patient intake, visit us here. Happy Thanksgiving!

About the Author

Emily Pathmajeyan is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Kareo.  She has over 10 year’s of experience in Strategic Marketing and Product Management, and is...

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