Medical Claims Billing Success Story: Improved Productivity, Faster Turnaround, Expanded Services

Medical Claims Billing provides end-to-end medical billing and claims management as well as consulting and credentialing services for medical practices. With about 40 clients of varying sizes and medical specialties, Medical Claims Billing is experienced and well positioned to help practices succeed and increase their revenue.

Challenge: Inadequate Reporting, Inefficient Manual Processes, and Lack of Integration

When Bob Trotta bought Medical Claims Billing in 2015, most of its management processes were manual and outdated. Neither the company nor its clients had an integrated EHR/practice management system. Additionally, there was little to no analytics being done, reporting was very minimal, and even basic spreadsheet programs weren’t being utilized.

The inadequate processes and practice management system made it difficult for his staff to carry out their functions properly. “It was tough getting staff motivated around the goals of the business and the accounts they were handling. They weren’t clear about their daily duties, and sometimes they wouldn’t know what account they’d be working on,” says Bob, CEO/Owner of Medical Claims Billing.

Aside from seriously affecting the daily efficiency of the staff, the poor reporting made it hard for the company to determine its ideal pricing model with clients.

“It was very difficult figuring out what our true costs per client were, and consequently, what fees to charge. I needed to be able to look at each account and see how much went into managing it, how the particular practices operated and how much they were being paid,” Bob explains.

Finally, as a company that charges a percentage of what they bill for their clients, Bob realized that Medical Claims Billing’s future development would not only be based on handling billing effectively, it would also rely heavily on their ability to facilitate their clients’ practice growth.

Solutions: Integrated EHR and Practice Management Systems, and Updated Billing Processes

Bob chose Kareo to help him improve how the business was being run.

During the switch, moving patient data, in particular, went very smoothly. “The ability to take patient data from our old system and upload it into Kareo with just a .CSV file made the transition so much easier. The uploading of thousands of records took mere minutes and saved us from having to pay someone to program the re-loading of the data,” Bob says.

Achieving integration meant migrating their clients onto Kareo’s EHR and practice management platform, and Bob had wondered how well the clients would be able to navigate it: “One of the great things about Kareo is that they have all these training options available, and we utilized them to connect the Kareo trainers to our clients, so they could get their questions answered, feel comfortable and learn how to operate the so ware properly.”

Bob also mentioned, “A common complaint we hear from other billing system customers is that their vendors are not responsive to the needs of their customers. Kareo’s customer service structure, geared specifically toward billing companies, and the attention we receive from our account representative, is a particular strength.”

Results: Improved Productivity, Faster Turnaround Times, and Expanded Service Offerings

One of the company’s main challenges was the inability of the previous management system to guide the workflow and productivity of the staff. That has now changed. Using Kareo Analytics and the dashboard features in Kareo’s Practice Management system to pinpoint the issues needing to be addressed quickly, such as Denied or No Response claims, improved the efficiency of MCB’s staff. In fact, Bob says, “they now have the ability to be broader in their approach to clients and clients’problems.”

Before switching to Kareo, none of Medical Claims Billing clients had an integrated EHR and practice management system, and now about half of them do. “We now expect that all new clients we bring on will be integrated,” Bob says. “This has enabled us to spend more time solving the inevitable problems that arise with payers.”

On the insurance side of things, MCB’s turnaround times have also improved. “Payers are paying much faster because they receive cleaner, more comprehensive information, and are therefore making decisions much faster.”

Switching also allowed and pushed Medical Claims Billing to expand its service offerings.

“I think of Kareo as more of an ecosystem than a platform because it has made us more creative in what we can do for our clients and lets us customize their individual experiences with us,” Bob says. “As we continue to grow, we are able to offer even more services, like telehealth and other technology-centered ones.”


Switching to Kareo helped Medical Claims Billing provide more than medical billing services to their practices. As Bob says,“Kareo allows us to improve our clients’ processes. If we make our clients more efficient, then we’re more efficient and we can help them grow, and that’s the path to success for Medical Claims Billing.”


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