How We Earned the Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award for EHR

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Kareo's leadership in meeting critical technology needs in the U.S. healthcare market, honoring us with the 2018 United States Ambulatory EHR Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Here are the reasons why Kareo rose to the top of the competition for leveraging technology and customer impact:

#1 - Commitment to Innovation and Creativity

At a time when other EHR vendors struggle to respond to regulatory and reimbursement changes in healthcare, Kareo is being recognized for expanding its portfolio of solutions to meet the diverse needs of patients and practices.

"In the last 14 years, the company has gradually added progressive features into its core product portfolio to keep it relevant for a wide variety of customers, namely doctors, practice managers, billers, billing companies, and new practices serving patients that cumulatively represent more than 35 disease categories. Today, Kareo offers clinical (EHR), financial (billingmanaged billing, and collection), and patient engagement and practice marketing (patient reviews, provider profiles, online appointments and reminders) solutions to over 45,000 ambulatory healthcare providers across all 50 U.S. states. The latest product innovation from Kareo is a flagship solution called Kareo Telehealth, which provides the U.S. telehealth industry with a secure and HIPAA-compliant video consultation tool for remote visits between patients and their physicians. Frost & Sullivan recognizes how the solution serves a critical purpose in saving substantial operational costs that practices historically incur—while catering to patients who visit their clinics to receive a diverse scope of healthcare services."

#2 - Modular Efficiency for Diverse Practice Needs

The technology and service needs of independent healthcare practices can vary widely depending on size, specialty, patient population and a host of other factors.

"Frost & Sullivan applauds how Kareo has revolutionized the cloud-based EHR market for US-based physician practices with its modular EHR solution that can be custom configured based on end-user preferences. The platform is deployed much quicker than legacy EHRs. ... Customers can transfer procedure and diagnostic codes to Kareo Billing seamlessly (without having to log into separate portals). ... 

Kareo Billing digitizes the entire billing workflow and provides virtual support that promotes paperless billing transaction and hassle-free collection for customers. ...

Kareo also caters to physician practices that are more receptive to outsource their entire billing and collection office to a third-party IT provider to gain cost advantage and focus exclusively on patient care.

Kareo also offers practice marketing and patient engagement solutions to ensure that every customer is well equipped to augment patient experience via personalized communications."

#3 - Customer Purchase and Ownership Experience

Many solo and small group providers that find themselves struggling with complicated and clunky technology designed for larger settings are looking for simplified and streamlined solutions that better suit small practice workflows. Frost and Sullivan reports technology replacement rates as high as 50%. Here's what new Kareo customers can expect:

"Kareo is not a pure-play IT vendor. In addition to its solution portfolio, the company also offers a service team that is dedicated to physician practices’ training, hosting, implementation, and optimization needs. ... Claims that are submitted by practices are reviewed by the team with the help of a progressive billing technology (code-scrubbing system) that clearly highlights patterns of diagnostic misinterpretation (involving clinical codes) and prompts repeat submissions that ultimately prevent loss of payment. ...

In addition, Kareo assigns a success coach to each customer account. The coach is primarily responsible for onboarding new users and ensuring proficiency with all relevant Kareo modules and functionality. The assigned coach delivers regular consultations with practice leaders and in-house billing team members who greatly benefit from timely information on their coding and claims and overall practice management efficiency. As a result, Kareo’s key customers demonstrate industry-leading results and remain associated with the firm for years."

Download the full report here

Kareo earns frost sullivan technology award


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