How To Use Yelp Keywords To Build Trust & Improve Ratings

It’s probably no surprise to you that Yelp is the most trusted online review site for healthcare. A recent survey by Software Advice revealed that, while the 4500 people in the survey called Healthgrades the most popular site, Yelp got much more of the vote - 44 percent versus Healthgrades’ 31 percent - for most trusted.

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“We recommend making sure you’re listed on both Healthgrades and Yelp, and that your profiles on each site contain accurate information.”1

Let Yelp – and Google – help you
With resources from both Google and Yelp, you have a fast, easy, free way to help manage your reputation and reinforce your brand, so use it. After you unlock your Yelp business page and create your profile, you can upload images, communicate with customers, and track traffic to your page.

But for keyword help, you really can’t beat Google. Their keyword planner not only helps in creating Google AdWords but also give you what you need for your Yelp reviews. To access the keyword planner, just sign in to your Gmail or other Google account, or create an account in Google AdWords.

Who, what, where
As a physician, you want to convey that sense of trust, and keywords are the magic bullets for Yelp, just as they are for any online marketing effort. Whatever keywords you choose, be sure to remember to say who you are, what you do and where you’re located, and feel free to personalize your keyword description to describe your practice style: “Caring Garner family practice Iowa.”

People often use patient review sites to find a new doctor. The goal is to use Yelp as a marketing channel to attract as many patients to your practice through having fantastic reviews from real patients listed on your page. This article will give you even more information on optimizing your practice's page on Yelp.

One more thing
It is never recommended to offer incentives in exchange for a review. Why? Because Yelp frowns on this and has algorithms that can identify and vaporize excellent reviews that are found to be not entirely in adherence with their policy. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t suggest to genuinely satisfied patient that they might consider sharing their experiences on Yelp to help others make informed healthcare decisions.

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