A Fresh Approach to Content Marketing Your Practice

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Before delving into a targeted approach to content marketing, there are few things to consider. First and foremost, you want to think about why you are doing content marketing in the first place? What are your the goals and who is your target audience? If your goal is to get the attention of a younger consumer audience or engage with people who search for doctors online, consider the following.

Headlines. Headlines are, perhaps, as important as the blog posts that they accompany. That doesn’t mean that’s where half of the content’s gravity should be. The headline’s importance requires emphasis because it is the first, and sometimes only, glimpse into the conversation you are trying to start. So work on making it good. Here's a great article full of tips to help you craft the right title of your post.

Digital Media. Content marketing is not a sales pitch, though, it is an opportunity to provide your target audience (patients or potential patients) with important and relevant information about your practice. To get the information across, consider making original videos or publishing a stimulating blog post—or both at the same time! A well-done video can concisely inform people in a way that is incredibly easy and enjoyable to digest. It may even go viral! Imagine what that would do for your practice.

Popular Content Themes. Want an incredibly thorough example of well-done content marketing? Buzzfeed. Yes, Buzzfeed. Say what you will about it, but it’s success with content marketing across quite a sum of markets and social media is easily perceivable. Videos, blogs, products, services, and so much more, all flowing from one source that is continuously being shared all over social media. There is plenty of possibility for adapting these styles for content related to your medical practice.

As a final note, remember the content you create is all about helping, and figuring out how you can further help, your target audience--the patients you treat and care for day in and day out.

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Dr. Molly is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of...

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