Find Out in Webinar What Providers Think About Their Independent Practices Today

How has the independent practice changed since 2019 and after a worldwide pandemic? Have their workflows changed? What about the way they use technology? Or their perception of the industry? No need to wonder because you can find out in our recent webinar, where we shared 8 key insights from the data collected from Kareo’s 2021 State of the Independent Practice survey.

The webinar recording will be available on or after July 23 at Kareo’s State of the Independent Practice hub page.

An advocate for the independent practice, Kareo conducted several short polls among independent practices regarding changes and trends they were experiencing during the challenging year of 2020. This was followed up with a larger, general survey in early 2021, asking 1,300 independent practices about their current initiatives, challenges, and industry outlook.

Kareo worked with a research team from the University of Georgia’s Consumer Analytics Department to analyze the data and co-write the report. This report is a follow-up to a similar survey conducted in 2019, and the 2021 report will contrast the data points from both years.

The fascinating results of both studies, and the December 2020 poll results, are included in the 2021 State of the Independent Practice survey report, to be released on July 23. This will be one of the most timely and focused reports on this important segment of healthcare. 

During the webinar, Assistant Professor of Consumer Analytics at the University of Georgia, Dee Warmath, Ph.D., joined Gurpreet Dhaliwal, M.D. discussed key insights from the survey data and what it means for the future of the independent practice. Dr. Warmath led the research team to analyze and prepare the survey data and report and Dr. Dhaliwal is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and expert on physician leadership and diagnostics.

“I loved seeing the optimism of these practices in the 2021 survey as compared to 2019, especially given the year we have had,” said Dr. Warmath in discussing the survey findings. “The expectations for growth and plans to remain independent suggest a positive outlook in the minds of independent practice providers.” Both Dr. Dhaliwal and Dr. Warmath are passionate about the future of healthcare and are studying the ways physicians can meet patients where they are in life.

The co-presenters discussed the partnership between the provider and patient to receive the highest health outcomes, based on data collected on the changing trends and attitudes regarding consumer-centric healthcare. Among other topics discussed include the rising importance of security in delivering care, integrated technology solutions, and the continuation of telehealth. They explored the data points that support the move from more evidence-based care to more personalized care.

“While I am sure that independent practice providers are not the only ones to think this way, it was wonderful to see the ways in which independent practice providers recognized the importance of the patient interaction – each and every time,” said Dr. Warmath.

If you are a provider of an independent practice and interested in hearing what your peers are thinking about their practices, or any vendor or person interested in the current state of the independent healthcare practice, you will want to hear a recording of the webinar and download the report. To access the report and download the recording on or after July 23, visit Kareo’s State of the Independent Practice hub page .

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