The Changing Nature of Family Practice #KareoChat Recap

Healthcare is ever-changing. Family Practice Physicians, as well as every other specialty, are constantly working to embrace the changes while continuing to provide excellent patient care. 

Dr. Mike Sevilla (@DrMikeSevilla), a Family Physician, led a great #KareoChat discussing the constant changes in family practice. 

Topic 1: How Are Primary Care Practices Changing to Meet the Needs of a Changing Patient Population? 

If time guarantees anything, it would be change. The patient population is ever changing and primary care practices have to keep up. Let’s see what chatters had to say.

#KareoChat A1: There is a lot of creativity going on out there in primary care offices, like creative ways for same day scheduling to keep up with busy patients and families, and other steps

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

A1: I have been lucky to work as a consultant supporting #FamilyMed practices this year. They are embracing messaging tech, integrating #telemed, collaborating on VBC initiatives! #KareoChat

— Carol Bush (@TheSocialNurse) September 20, 2018

Topic 2: What Are the Challenges That Family Physicians Face in Today’s Health Care World? 

Let’s take a look at what challenges the chatters see Primary Care Physicians facing. 

#KareoChat A2: The challenges for practices continues to be how to reach those populations that need primary care the most. Is it really through creative marketing? That's a great question @GetSocialHealth

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

A2: A big issue in #RuralHealth is that our physicians are not only biz owners, they also are community leaders, Moms, Dads, Grandparents. Burn Out & maintaining healthy lifestyle is big challenge IMHO #KareoChat

— Carol Bush (@TheSocialNurse) September 20, 2018

Topic 3: What Should Be the Role of Telehealth and Mobile Driven Technology in the Modern Family Medicine Practice? 

Telehealth is a subject growing daily. Let’s see what the chatters had to say about the role in Family Practice.  

#telehealth has to be having a huge impact for families with multiple children. What happens when Mom is sick and can't leave the kids? #KareoChat

— Janet M. Kennedy (@GetSocialHealth) September 20, 2018

#KareoChat A3: To me, those Primary Care practices who can leverage technology and telehealth, while figuring out the payment structure and the liability concerns - these will be they keys to success

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

Topic 4: Does the Changing Nature of Family Medicine Delivery Require Innovative Healthcare Delivery Models? 

It seems as healthcare changes, so do the delivery options and models. Let’s look at what the participants had to say. 

#KareoChat A4: Everyone says that our health care system is broken. Of course, I agree with that. But there are other models out there, like Direct Primary Care where patients pay a physician a monthly subscription fee for care and no longer utilize traditional insurance

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

This is a great point. Value based care is what is trying to be transitioned to. Of course, the transition continues to be bumpy. But, volume based care is not sustainable #KareoChat

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

Topic 5: How Can Physicians Help Lessen or Avoid Burnout and the More Severe and Tragic Issue of Physician Suicide? 

As the chatters point out, these are serious issues that are getting more talk time, but still have a long way to go in terms of breaking down stigma. 


#KareoChat A5: There has been a lot written and talked about, especially when it comes to physician burnout. I appreciate the conversation, and that the stigma is lessening every day, to allow conversations to take place

— Mike Sevilla, MD | (@drmikesevilla) September 20, 2018

Q5 - We are huge on scribes for enhancing the patient and physician experience. Less time entering data and staring at the computer screen, more time spent with the patient. Long-term, AI-assisted voice scribe and commands have tremendous potential. #kareochat @upwardmobility

— CareDash (@caredash) September 20, 2018

We talk a lot about "caring for the care givers" but often forget the trained professionals. #KareoChat

— Janet M. Kennedy (@GetSocialHealth) September 20, 2018

A5: Also, physicians should take advantage of scarcity to negotiate and demand a working environment that meets their needs. You try taking breaks and ping-pong tables away from engineers in Silicon Valley. Physicians should be the same way. #kareochat

— CareDash (@caredash) September 20, 2018

As we can see, as healthcare continues to change, family practice physicians are working to embrace the changes and continue to provide top-notch patient care. 

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