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Look at the most effective physician sites, and you’ll see that patients want a quick fix to a healthier life – not just “better health,” but a lower blood pressure, less weight or help managing their diabetes. In other words, they want a better patient experience.

Since you have limited time to spend educating patients or developing such a site, the secret is simple: Tell your patients which sites to visit.

A case in point is the Dr. Weil site, an engaging place where patients can learn about nutrition, vitamins, exercise, aging, herbal supplements and much more. Easy-to-read content, well-organized navigation, enjoyable videos and chances to chat all make a site like this the next best thing to spending hours with every patient.

 “Lifelong physical activity is crucial to optimum health, but running marathons is not required.”

Make it a game
Sites like Fitocracy turn fitness into a game, with team members and online coaching included – and no need to join a gym. No cost, no excuses, but lots of healthy activity. Just as video games can be addictive, so can online competition where patients strive to get to the next fitness level.

For those who hate to work out, there are site like Fitness Reloaded, rich with hacks that let patients cut loose rather than stay tethered to a treadmill.

One of the things Fitness Reloaded will tell your patients is to sell their car.

“You will walk more … you will use your bike more ... you may even start skating.”

Customize your messages
Showing patients where to go for good content is just as important as giving them medical advice, since the media announces new, often conflicting, medical research on a daily basis. They need your to help sort it out.

If your patient portal lets you stratify patients by problem, you can create customized messages for, say, those with hypertension or diabetes. A newsletter or blog post shows patients that you stay up to date on medical innovations – and that you care about keeping them informed.

More information to give patients

Mayo Clinic

President’s Council on Fitness

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