Analyzing Your Practice with Google

Google announced new features for their Analytics reporting tool earlier this month and they've now made these upgrades readily available.  We know that many of you aren't using Google Analytics on your website - but you should be.  If you're spending money each month on a website, you need to know what that monthly online budget is getting you.  Enter Google Analytics - a free & simple way for you to track the effectiveness of the website you're paying for every month.

We've commented on the DoctorBlog in the past about the importance of conversions - the act of turning and online visitor into a new patient by having them contact you.  Google Analytics is one way to do this.  By installing an Analytics code on your website, you'll be able to see what on your site is working to bring in new patients…and, what doesn't work in order to save you from overspending on ineffective online marketing.  It's also a great way to determine whether you're being taken for a ride by a less-than-honest online marketer.  Because, if they won't let you see the metrics on what they're charging you for, the odds are pretty good that they're taking your money without giving you anything in return.  (It's one of the reasons why DoctorBase profiles integrate with your Google Analytics account - to make sure our doctors are getting value from our services!)

By using Analytics, you'll have access to new the new features Goog is releasing including real-time analytics, multi-channel funnels, & mobile reporting.  In all honesty, most practices don't have the high volume of online traffic for real-time reporting be of great use.  But, the ability to see how a new campaign or promotion is doing in real-time does give good, immediate feedback.  And, while many of you don't (yet) have mobile websites, it is the future of the Internet.  We've commented before on how over half of you now read our blog posts on your iPhones.  Patients are no different - they use their mobiles to find you online as well.  With mobile reporting, you'll be able to see what kind of devices your patients are using so that you can make it easier for patients to find & contact you from their own mobile phones.

The biggest benefit to your practice is the ability to track multi-channel funnels. Quite simply, this means that you'll be able to see where your new patients are coming from on the web.  Is your website really working? Did you get anything out of the $1k you just spent on Adwords?  What about the emails you just sent out for your end-of-the-year promotion?  Multi-channel funnels give you the ability to see exactly which of your online efforts are bringing you the most new patients so you can shift your resources to areas that truly work.

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