GoodRx Patient Savings Kit

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs and surprises at the pharmacy for your patients
  • Improve medication adherence, while also making medication more affordable
  • Many drugs aren’t covered or preferred by insurance formularies, but may have a significant discount with GoodRx. Likewise, it is common for drugs to be cheaper than a typical co-pay with GoodRx
  • GoodRx gathers more than 1 billion prices from nearly every pharmacy in America and finds the best deals for your patients.

What’s in the kit?

  • 100 FREE Pre-activated GoodRx Discount Cards with information explaining how and when your patient’s can use them to save on their medications.
  • A counter-top stand for easy display

Example Savings with GoodRx

Cash Price
Coupon Price
Lipitor (generic) 30 tablets 20mg
Cialis 30 tablets 5mg
Neurontin (generic) 90 capsules 300mg
Prilosec (generic) 30 capsules 20mg
Synthroid 30 tablets 100mcg

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