Why Kareo

Focus on patients,
not paperwork

Kareo makes it easier to manage the day-to-day of running an independent practice so you can focus on what matters most—caring for your patients.

Easy for Everyone

Kareo is purpose-built for the unique needs of independent practices. It’s simple and easy to use, with tools and software to help everyone in your office. Whether you’re a doctor, manage a practice or run a billing company, Kareo has the tools and software to make your job easier.

Practice better when everything works together

Kareo has integrated modules that work together as part of a seamless platform, so you have helpful tools to tackle your toughest administrative challenges. These tools include electronic health records, practice management, marketing, patient engagement and billing software. Plus, you’ll find proven, integrated third-party apps and services in Kareo Marketplace to make your life even easier.

Add up the advantages

Kareo delivers incredible value, with affordable pricing and no long-term contracts. Our Clinical, Billing and Marketing modules are available for a flat monthly fee. Our Managed Billing Module is based on a fixed percentage of what you actually collect. All the services you need, without any of the surprises.

For every role in your practice

Whether you’re a doctor, manage a practice or run a billing company, Kareo has the tools and software to simplify your job.

For Doctors

Kareo takes your practice to the next level so you can get back to doing what you became a doctor to do – deliver outstanding patient care.

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For Practice Managers

Kareo makes everything easier - practice management, scheduling and billing — so your day-to-day is much more doable.

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For Billers

Use our proven software to complement your own billing expertise for faster payment and quicker insights.

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For Billing Companies

Manage all your clients in one place, and offer them billing tools and an EHR that work together seamlessly.

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Guiding you to success

We’re in business to help you succeed. It’s that simple. That’s why we give you a dedicated Success Coach to help you get off to a great start. It’s our way of helping you quickly get back to the part of the business that you love — patient care.


A solution for every specialty

From acupuncture to vascular surgery and everything in between, Kareo has the tools and resources to support and help improve how you care for your patients and grow your practice.

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Features for

Patient Registration & Scheduling

Quickly enter patient demographics, schedule appointments, and verify insurance eligibility using Kareo.

Chart Visit Notes

Patient information is passed to BackChart where orders and visit documentation are done using chiropractic specific templates.

Enter Charges

Using the convenient billing queue in BackChart, you quickly validate procedure and diagnosis codes against your plan for the visit.

Simply the best

Kareo is the only complete and integrated platform serving the unique needs of independent practices. We’ve won more awards and are consistently ranked as BlackBook’s #1 Integrated EHR, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management Software Vendor.

40,000 Strong

Over 40,000 providers are already running a more successful practice and providing better patient care using Kareo. See what Kareo can do for you.

We believe
in independent practices

We’ve chosen to focus on independent practices because we believe in what you do. We share the vision that independent practices are the best place for building relationships with patients and providing the most meaningful care. In fact, we believe that this is why people become healthcare providers in the first place.

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