Kareo Telmedicine Solutions

Make Every Moment Matter Using HIPAA-Compliant Video Visits

With Kareo Telemedicine, you can connect with patients anywhere at anytime. It’s simple, secure and streamlined—and fully reimbursed by private payers.
With Kareo Telemedicine, you can connect with patients anywhere at anytime. It’s simple, secure and streamlined—and fully reimbursed by private payers.
Kareo Telemedicine

Adding a telemedicine solution has never been easier.

With seamless integration to the Kareo EHR and practice management software, you can implement an efficient and effective telemedicine solution today.

Why Use Telemedicine?

Streamlined Reimbursement
Automated eligibility checks, reimbursement-specialist support team and Kareo’s award-winning billing engine.
Boost Practice Efficiency
Drive revenue, practice efficiency and patient satisfaction with seamless integrations into Kareo’s integrated EHR and practice management system.
Promote Patient Satisfaction
Intuitive cloud software for both patients and physicians means no downloads and up and running in minutes on patient-owned devices.
Reduce No-Shows/Cancellations
Transportation issues, taking time off from work and finding child care are no longer an issue for routine visits and follow-up care.

Kareo Telemedicine Rules Engine

Fueled by the most advanced database of telemedicine insurance rules in healthcare today, our telemedicine rules engine ensures private payer reimbursement for scheduled visits. Here's how it works.

State reimbursement mandates

The core of the rules engine starts with a deep understanding of state telemedicine reimbursement mandates. Our regulatory team has spent years converting complicated telemedicine legislation into actionable intelligence.

Payer-specific nuances

Every payer has their own way of processing claims — and this is especially true for telemedicine. Our reimbursement specialists are in constant communication with the payers, building these reimbursement nuances directly into the rules engine.

Smart technology

The Kareo Telemedicine Rules Engine gets smarter with every eligibility check that’s run. If a telemedicine claim is ever denied, our telemedicine reimbursement experts work quickly to resolve the issue, and the new rule gets pushed out to all customers.

Watch How Easy It Is to Use Kareo Telemedicine

It's a snap to see your patients through secure video for most routine visits. You can start making telemedicine appointments in minutes.

What Physicians Say About Kareo Telemedicine

Excellent Customer Service

“Kareo Telemedicine provides an easy way to offer HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing to your patients. Excellent customer service, top-notch!” California Center for Functional Medicine

Families Love it

“We provide care to a lot of special needs children. Kareo Telemedicine allows us to deliver that care without the burden of traveling to the clinic. Families absolutely love it!” Timothy Porter, MD Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Work From Home

“Kareo Telemedicine allows me to be more accessible for my patients and my staff loves it! I can work from home or when my office staff is busy with other tasks.” Saima Jehangir, MD Lotus Gynecology, Health & Wellness

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Telemedicine Resources

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