General Manager of Payment Solutions

d’Artagnan Osborne

As General Manager of Payment Solutions, d’Artagnan leads the payments business unit at Kareo. d’Artagnan believes that breakthrough products use technology to address the ever-growing complexities of modern life—allowing us to spend more time on what’s really important. He understands the art and science of software development, and brings this awareness to his work in creating products that make a difference.

d’Artagnan’s love of technology began at a young age, and deepened over time. He grew up in the Bay Area, near the beach, and started programming in elementary school. In the late 90s, he moved southward and earned his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego.

After college, d’Artagnan excelled as a software engineer and consultant, and soon advanced to more strategic leadership roles. Before long, he was awarded the role of Technical Architect for Platform Development at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). His product and platform innovations there pushed the envelope in a rapidly changing industry while improving the customer experience for users worldwide. His projects included developing free-to-play and freemium business and product models, building an online customer loyalty platform, and creating a groundbreaking micro-transaction commerce system that provided a cohesive experience across the global enterprise.

Following his tenure at SOE, d’Artagnan was tapped as Group Manager at Intuit, where he guided the Consumer Tax Group to new heights of innovation and collaboration. He restructured the global product team and directed high-stakes projects such as developing the TurboTax commerce system and consolidating 25+ years of legacy tax products into a single, robust platform. He also cultivated relationships with some of the world’s most recognized brands, including a partnership with Apple that resulted in a best-in-class mobile pay solution.

d’Artagnan joined Kareo in 2018 as Vice President of Engineering where he led the design and delivery of Kareo’s technology systems and offerings. He was promoted in 2021 to form and lead a new exciting business arm of Kareo focused on solving the challenges today associated with healthcare payments.

When d’Artagnan is not working, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.