Kareo + Stripe

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  • Easily accept and collect payments from your patients.
  • Keep track of revenue and manage your patients’ payment profiles in a united dashboard.
  • Access the full suite of Stripe tools- from flexible billing to detailed reporting.

Manage every aspect of online payment for your practice with Stripe’s toolkit

Stripe is a payment processing tool that allows businesses of any size to process transactions and manage payments. By partnering with Kareo, Stripe’s full suite of tools helps medical practices manage every aspect of online payment- from billing and reporting, to a unified dashboard that monitors revenue in real-time. With Stripe, your patients can securely pay on mobile or desktop in whichever payment method they prefer; enabling medical practitioners to focus more on growing their practice, and less on billing.


Kareo & Stripe

Stripe is a payment processing tool that allows practices of any size to accept and manage online payments.

Seamlessly Integrated with Kareo

Stripe is integrated with Kareo Billing to provide a seamless payment experience for both the practice and the patient.

Payments from Start to Finish

No need to design payment forms from scratch. Stripe offers a simple, customizable payment flow that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile. Stripe securely transmits card details from browsers to Stripe, taking care of the pesky processing and compliance.

Flexible Set of Tools

Stripe provides everything you need to manage your practice online- a unified dashboard to evaluate your metrics at a glance, and a full suite of tools to handle billing, fraud, currency conversion and reporting.

Rich Third Party Integration Ecosystem

Gain access to a vast array of third party integrations that simplify arduous administrative tasks like accounting, invoicing, and more.

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