Getting Paid in 2019: What Independent Medical Practices Need To Know

Getting Paid in 2019


As 2018 is coming to a close, many independent practices are wondering what to expect in 2019. Patient financial responsibility continues to be a challenge for many practices. The Quality Payment Program (MIPs) continues to evolve. CMS is proposing changes to the way E/M visits are paid. HIPAA data breaches are more prevalent than ever, with several large payers and healthcare organizations receiving large fines in 2018.

Wondering how a small independent practice is supposed to keep up with all of the changes and challenges you’ll face in 2019? Healthcare Business Consultant Aimee Heckman will provide you with common sense information and solutions to help you get paid in 2019 and avoid some of the pitfalls that could cost you time and money.

In this information-packed webinar, we'll discuss:

  • CMS Proposed changes to E/M payment and documentation requirements
  • Updates to the Quality Payment Program
  • Maximizing payer revenue through fee schedule review and opting out of “Accelerated Payments”
  • Understanding generational differences in patient payment habits that will improve your overall patient collections
  • Changes to the ACA taking effect in 2019
  • HIPAA breaches and how you can mitigate the risk in your practice

Watch this free webinar on-demand to learn about these important topics and much more!

About the Speaker

Aimee Heckman

Aimee Heckman is a Healthcare Business Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in Medical Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, PM/EHR implementation, and business development. As a Certified Professional Biller (CBP) and Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM), Aimee has demonstrated success in assisting physicians with maintaining their independence and surviving the ever-changing healthcare business environment.

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