Setting Up Your Medical Practice for a Smooth Reimbursement Process

Setting Up Your Medical Practice for a Smooth Reimbursement Process


The cost in additional staff time to rework a rejected claim can come to $100 per claim, by some conservative estimates. Not to mention the cost of the lost revenue when denied claims ultimately end up in collections and are written off. Setting up your practice for a smooth reimbursement process, with less rejections and denials, can make a significant difference in your practice revenue and workflow. It’s never too late to work together with your practice software partner to make sure you’re optimally set up to get paid with less hassle.

In this webinar, we’ll share tips and best practices for:

  • Setting up your practice, providers and referring physicians information
  • Setting up your fee schedule
  • Setting up your insurance companies and plans
  • Kareo solutions that make it easier to cover all the bases and ensure smooth and reliable reimbursement

Take these tips and information back to your practice to improve your bottom line in the coming year.

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About the Speaker

        Khatira Shah

Khatira Shah is a Sr. Training Specialist at Kareo. She is a subject matter expert on Kareo’s solutions for clinical care, practice management and practice growth.

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