Navigating A New Era of Patient Collections

Navigating A New Era of Patient Collections

Even with employer insurance, patients are expected to contribute more to the cost of their care in 2017 than in any other time in recent history. Most practices must now collect 25-35% of their revenues directly from patients.

The good news is that smart, compassionate patient engagement on financial responsibilities can improve collections while strengthening patient relations. And emerging technology tools and workflow ideas are available to help practices address this critical challenge.

In our upcoming webinar, consultant and author Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan will explore proven ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient collections. Laurie’s lively, practical talk will explore themes including:

  • The multiple forces that are making patient collections more challenging
  • Best practices to implement at every stage of the workflow to collect effectively from patients – without losing their trust
  • The importance of understanding cultural trends related to payments
  • Why a team approach to patient collections is more important than ever – even if you outsource your billing
  • Recent technology innovations that can help you collect better, faster, and with less stress

About the Speaker

        Laurie Morgan

Laurie Morgan is a senior consultant and partner at Capko & Morgan. She managed both start-ups and large-scale operations in the media industry before turning her focus to medical practice management. Her consulting focus is on driving and capturing revenue and operating more efficiently. Laurie has an MBA from Stanford University.

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