Technology + People = Profit

Technology + People = Profit: New Ways Staff Can Increase Practice Revenue

Key trends in technology, health insurance, and consumer preferences are changing staffing needs at medical practices. Patients expect a higher level of service. Does your practice have the technology—and the team—to deliver it? And if you add technology, how can you be sure your practice will be more productive? Above all, how do you use all your human and technology resources to maximize profit potential?

Having the right staff is the first step. The next is empowering them with the right tools and the right responsibilities. In this lively webinar, Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan will:

  1. Explore new ways technology can empower staff to provide better patient service
  2. Help you understand how front office technology differs from platform technology—and why that matters
  3. Explain the connections between technology, productivity, patient service, and profit

See how the right mix of staff roles and technology can take your practice’s revenue and profit to the next level. It’s a presentation you can’t afford to miss!

About the Speaker

Laurie Morgan

Laurie Morgan is a senior consultant and partner at Capko & Morgan. She managed both start-ups and large-scale operations in the media industry before turning her focus to medical practice management. Her consulting focus is on driving and capturing revenue and operating more efficiently. Laurie has an MBA from Stanford University.

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