Modernized Patient and Mental Health Practice: Accessibility and Mental Health Awareness For Your Patients

Modernized Patient and Mental Health Practice: Accessibility and Mental Health Awareness For Your Patients


Now more than ever, individuals and businesses recognize the importance of mental health, and the impact mental health has on one’s overall wellbeing. Yet, as more people are seeking mental health support, mental health providers are struggling to keep up with the demand. The challenge of providing the best care possible, while growing a business can be overwhelming and lead to provider burnout. So how can mental health providers offer exceptional care and while achieving work life balance?

In this webinar, Liz Fobare, Kareo’s Senior Director of Clinical Product, discusses key technological advancements that increase access to care, enable providers to meet patients where they are at, and can help you build a modern mental health practice. She will go over:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on our Nation’s Mental Health
  • Impact on Mental Health providers
  • Evolving Client Expectations
  • Solutions to Modernize Your Mental Health Practice

Also joining us is Naomi Myrick, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Cardinal Care Psychiatric Services, who will be sharing her experience as a mental health provider and first year practice owner. Naomi will share how technology has unlocked her ability to treat rural and urban communities and empowered her business to scale while providing the best patient care possible.

We are proud to partner with AAPC and PAHCOM to offer one free CEU credit for your attendance to this webinar. If interested in receiving CEU credit, please note that you will be prompted with next steps during the webinar.

Save your seat for this live event and explore how you can establish a modern patient and practice experience.

About the Speaker

Liz Fobare

Liz Fobare is the Senior Director of Clinical Product at Kareo. She graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Psychology. In 2018 she earned a Master of Social Work from Simmons College. Liz has over 15 years of experience in healthcare tech, is a certified Balanced Scorecard strategy practitioner, and is a subject matter expert in clinical and mental health workflows. Along with this extensive experience, Liz is also passionate about driving social change through innovation and connection.

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