Getting Paid in 2022: Adapting your Practice to Thrive Within the Healthcare Evolution

Getting Paid in 2022: Adapting your Practice to Thrive Within the Healthcare Evolution


December 8, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific | 1:00 PM Eastern

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, practices and their billing team must keep evolving to keep up with the latest policies to ensure patient care, collections, and revenue are increasing year after year. With 2022 around the corner and the public health emergency declaration coming closer to an end, are you ready for the new norm in healthcare?

For example, the government is starting to wind down waived insurance deductibles for health care services. You also need to be even more diligent to prevent data security breaches. And since telehealth is here to stay, you and your billing team need to be compliant with billing codes and technology so you can continue to get paid for remote services. As the new year approaches, it is imperative to stay proactive in keeping up with the latest audits, changes, and laws to ensure that you will get paid for everything you are owed in 2022!

Kareo and Healthcare Business Consultant, Aimee Heckman, have teamed up to inform you of the latest tools and resources to help get your practice and billers/billing company get ready for any obstacles that may come your way in the new year.

Don’t miss this important webinar! Aimee will:

  • Review the state of the industry in 2021, including surprise billing, data breaches, and penalties.
  • Explain the normalization of telehealth and getting paid for telehealth.
  • Expand on patient collections and run the business as a business. This includes setting up your practice with a variety of payment options to treat patients more as consumers to improve patient satisfaction.
  • Prepare your practice for 2022 with best practices for MIPS, security audits, financial policies, insurance waivers, and patient eligibility.

It’s time to adapt to the evolving world of patient collections and be proactive for the new year to get paid. Watch now!

About the Speaker

Aimee Heckman

Aimee Heckman is a Healthcare Business Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in Medical Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, PM/EHR implementation, and business development. As a Certified Professional Biller (CBP) and Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM), Aimee has demonstrated success in assisting physicians with maintaining their independence and surviving the ever-changing healthcare business environment.

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