5 Easy Steps to Earning Money Through MACRA

5 Easy Steps to Earning Money Through MACRA


Contrary to popular belief, participating in regulatory programs is actually very simple. The changing landscape has motivated software vendors to automate MIPS tracking workflows so healthcare providers like you can earn up to a well-deserved 9% positive payment adjustment.

Kareo’s Regulatory Subject Matter Expert & Sr. Training Specialist, Marina Verdara, will walk you through the ABC’s of regulatory programs so you can easily meet your compliance goals and start earning more money for your practice.

In this webinar, Marina will:

  • Share five easy steps to help you earn up to a 9% positive payment adjustment
  • Provide an overview of MACRA
  • Breakdown the four MIPS reporting categories, including requirements for each and how you can meet them
  • Walk billers and billing companies through the claims submission process

Earning money through MACRA has never been easier! Register for this on-demand webinar to find out how.

About the Speaker

Marina Verdara

Marina Verdara is a Health Reform SME and Sr. Training Specialist guiding Kareo customers to higher levels of success with their CMS Incentive Program reporting. Marina has more than ten years of experience working directly with hundreds of small practice clinicians on a variety of projects. Her specialty is working with clients on CMS Incentive Programs such as Medicaid Promoting Interoperability, and MACRA.

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