The ABCs of Starting a Billing Company

The ABCs of Starting a Billing Company


Thinking about starting your own medical billing company? Billing Consultant Rachel Green -- aka The Jaded Biller -- shares her insights and personal experience in starting a billing company including how to:

  • Learning how to run and operate a medical billing business
  • Common mistakes made when opening up a medical billing business
  • Creating a smart business plan and budget
  • Setting up your business
  • Choosing the right software and technology
  • Staffing up vs. outsourcing ( A mix of both)
  • Maximizing your marketing and building a client base

About the Speaker

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is the Chief Executive Officer of The Jaded Medical Biller, Inc., a company she began in order to help established medical billers take the next step toward opening up their own company. An accomplished coach and business mentor with over 13 years of experience, she offers personal training and group courses via her website, Rachel also has an established YouTube presence as well as a regular podcast which are a source of information, comedy, education as well as therapy. Her books on billing basics, contract negotiation and how to start your business are available on her site as well as Amazon.

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