Consumerism in Healthcare: How Will Your Practice Stand Out?

Consumerism in Healthcare: How Will Your Practice Stand Out?


In an age when information is literally at the fingertips of consumers, online brand management is crucial to your practice’s success. It’s important to understand how patients are currently finding the healthcare services they need and, more importantly, how they decide which provider to schedule an appointment with.

Join Yext’s Head of Industry for Healthcare, Carrie Liken, as she shares the current consumerism trends and how they impact your medical practice. She will also cover the importance of maintaining your online reputation as it pertains to helping your practice grow.

In this webinar, Carrie will:

  • Provide industry insights about current healthcare consumerism trends
  • Define what online brand management means for healthcare practices and why it matters
  • Explain how you can use various search engines to optimize your brand
  • Outline what your ideal brand strategy should look like, whether you are managing in-house or looking for support from a third-party vendor

There are millions of healthcare providers in the United States - how are you going to help your practice stand out? Watch this free webinar to find out!

About the Speaker

        Carrie Liken

Carrie Liken is the Head of Industry for Healthcare at Yext, leading all initiatives related to healthcare, including strategy, product and partnership development, marketing and sales. For almost 20 years, she has built an expertise in healthcare and technology and most recently joined Yext from Google, having founded their healthcare team to help organizations better understand the patient journey, digital’s impact on patient acquisition, and how to drive increased revenue and sales through digital channels. She has regularly been quoted in media, including Forbes and Business Insider, and regularly speaks across the country on topics related to healthcare and technology.

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