Avoid the Burnout of Owning Your Own Medical Practice

Avoid the Burnout of Owning Your Own Medical Practice


Does physician burnout need to be inevitable in the healthcare industry? The perception is that EMR vendors, government regulations and insurance payers are causing healthcare providers the most stress, which can lead to burnout. While you can’t control everything as a provider or an office manager, there are things you can do to help balance workloads to better manage the practice and reduce chances of burnout.

Join Healthcare Business Consultant Aimee Heckman as she addresses what physicians have identified as the main reasons why burnout is causing them to become unsettled with a career they spent so much time training for. She will also discuss how providers and office staff can work together to fix what is causing the burnout and create a maintainable balance for the future.

In this webinar, Aimee will:

  • Identify the main causes of physician burnout, from a provider and office manager standpoint
  • Provide solutions to easily implement in your daily workflow to reduce the chances of burnout
  • Discuss how you can maintain a healthy balance going forward

Don’t let the administrative burdens of owning your own medical practice (or running one) keep you from having a more manageable practice. View this webinar today and learn how you can reduce your risk of physician burnout!

About the Speaker

Aimee Heckman

Aimee Heckman is a Healthcare Business Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in Medical Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, PM/EHR implementation, and business development. As a Certified Professional Biller (CBP) and Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM), Aimee has demonstrated success in assisting physicians with maintaining their independence and surviving the ever-changing healthcare business environment.

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