5 Reasons Why You Should Start Telemedicine in 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Telehealth in 2019


With traditional healthcare options becoming more expensive, patients craving more convenience, and federal and state legislation incentivizing providers to offer telehealth, there is no better time for independent practices to offer these services. However, many providers are still hesitant to hang out their telehealth shingle and start seeing patients virtually.

If you have an interest in adding telehealth to your practice or have prepared to offer these services but something has stopped you from doing so, let this webinar be the catalyst to officially launch telehealth in 2019!

In this webinar, Product Development Manager for Kareo Telehealth, Sean Brindley, will:

  • Share the five reasons why now is the best time to offer telehealth
  • Give you a simple game plan to set up and get paid correctly for your time
  • Provide the truth behind your biggest fears of offering telehealth

Don’t be left behind as other physicians add this increasingly popular option to their healthcare services menu – this valuable webinar will help you to see there is nothing to fear about offering telehealth anymore!

About the Speaker

        Sean Brindley

Sean Brindley is a Product Development Manager for Kareo Telehealth and a health technology entrepreneur with strong interests in clinical & consumer healthcare. With 10-years experience working with HIT companies at various stages, his goal is to empower providers to deliver the best care possible by utilizing new products, workflows and technologies while addressing regulatory support, revenue generation, clinical uses, and patient communication. Prior to focusing on HIT, Sean worked in general surgery and has experienced first hand the power and positive impact that physicians have in improving the lives of their patients. Through his work he strives to do the same.

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