Medical Billing Industry Report

Medical Billing Industry Report


Kareo recently conducted a nationwide survey of medical billing companies with the goal of identifying key trends and sentiments around the medical billing industry, healthcare and billing technology, and business opportunities and risks. The response to the survey was excellent, and Kareo is preparing to publish the results in the first-ever medical billing industry benchmark report.

Please join Kareo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rob Pickell, as he discusses the key findings and the implications for medical billing companies in 2019.

Rob’s review of Kareo’s 2019 Medical Billing Industry Report will include:

  • Key business drivers and industry trends affecting medical billing companies
  • Pricing models and services
  • The role of technology in the billing company and practice success
  • Opportunities for growth and pitfalls to avoid
  • Best practices for high-growth billing companies

Download Kareo's first-ever Medical Billing Industry report here.

About the Speaker

Rob Pickell

Rob Pickell is Kareo’s Chief Marketing Officer and has been with the company since 2012. Rob is passionate about the value and importance of independent medical practices and clinics in delivering healthcare in the US, and his mission is to spread the word on how Kareo can help medical billing companies, practices, and clinics can prosper and grow by leveraging Kareo’s innovative, cloud-based software solutions.

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